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Funny how intuition works. Actually it doesn’t work hard. If we pay attention we can get by with the daily dealings that life brings us. The other day I had an impulse to drive around the perimeter of my city. Actually it didn’t really start out that way but I just followed my urge to have an adventure which I did. Starting at my friends farm and taking images of her 4 horses set the tone for the morning. Gentle beings they are and it was my first time alone in the pen with them. It seemed as they were posing and then vying for my attention. I so loved it! I then went for breakfast at my another friends restaurant out in the country and after finishing there and a brief visit with her I went on my way.

That is when I knew I would be starting my trek on the secondary highways. I have a map and was watching the signs but would find myself in unknown areas. I would simply park, take a deep breathe of that fresh crisp air and just “Be” At times the abandoned farm buildings piqued my interest and I would get out and start snapping. And so it went on like this throughout the day. Just trusting in my self and going on. Surprise, surprise! I made it half way the circle around noon and really enjoying how easy everything was turning out. The traffic was smooth and at times I would guess what direction the vehicle behind me would be going on even how long. By the time I got home it was supper time and not even tired after driving and stopping for 6 hours. I met a few friendly people in my path and the scenery was most beautiful. So this day I found out how easy it is for our intuitive souls are if you pay attention. I more or less, “Let it be”

Old Beauty~
Old Beauty~
Story Teller


Can you believe that it has been 3 years since May that you passed away? Time flies Auntie Christina since you left that day in the hospital. I had heard from my Mom that in January 2012 my Auntie had been airlifted to a city hospital not to far from my home. I had not seen this favorite person for about 30 years. Let’s just say that I had removed myself for personal reasons of my own from my whole family. I walked into the Intensive care unit that night and she had aged understandably, her white hair framing her 70 year old face. The Doctors told us that her appendix had burst and that precipitated a heart attack. I bent down to kiss this face that had laughed so many times with me, this person who had guided me through my rough teen years, that had loved me.

The very next morning she would be having her first operation and not thinking about what was to come with the other 6 more after that. I visited her ever other day and then every day, passing the time with her and writing down the history of our family. Asking her what she could remember of long ago times of our people. She had many stories to tell me and I dutifully scribbled every thing I could. One day she confided to me that the first time she laid eyes on me after my long absence that she thought I had come back from the dead. She was so happy! She suffered more complications and thus the rhythm of the operations started. She may have been old with her age but she was hardy and kept holding on to this world. Each time we were told that she was going to pass and to say our good byes and each time she pulled out. She became thinner and at last the Doctors told us to get together and decide what was to be. To keep her alive on a IV pole the rest of her days or let her go. We came together all 30 of us and had a prayer first then we all had a say first on how she impacted our lives and then what we thought. It was the start of our healing process as we were all unified. She also had a DNR on her own bequest and now it was time. Those last days were bitter sweet. We all took turns keeping watch by her bedside. I have to add here that my Auntie Christina had strong religious beliefs and I am sure that is what got her through her painful hours. The day the priest came into her room to give her last rites she broke down her composure. Later after he had left she whispered to me, “I am still here!” She had thought with the last rites she would quickly pass. Honestly we had a good laugh about that, we did. I told her that it would be a good time to talk to each of her 7 children and give them her last words. She turned her head to me and said she had always loved me and that I was a cool and groovey chick. That made me laugh and cry at the same time. She could always do that to me. Auntie then had her children come to her in the next few days. We received a late night call a few days later saying she had taken her last breathe and now it was time to go through the other processes.

Months later I was invited by my friend to a group session to see this medium, a well known one in our city and I went to experience this not expecting much for myself but to see others have there time. Carmel came to me first and said that I had a pretty powerful spirit with me, a female and asked if this person had just passed away and I said yes that it was my Aunt. She then went on to say that this spirit had wanted to thank me for helping her to pass peacefully. Can I tell you how that made me feel? THAT gave me solace like no other. In the intervening months she came through dreams to visit one or two of her children. In one dream to her daughter Donna she was very young, happy and dancing while her father our grandfather played the fiddle. To know that she is healed where ever she is and happy has also helped our grieving process. I thank the great Divine~

Abandoned church in her village
The old cemetery in her village.
Abandoned Church
Abandoned Church
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I sat in a small town cafe eating my breakfast consisting of eggs & sausages early this morning at around 10 am. My morning started off with a urge to get a move on to take some pictures out of town. I looked at my bedside clock and seen it was 7:37 am. Sunrise was coming at 8:27 am & I had better get going if I wanted to catch the sunrise come up in Elk Island National Park, my fave place on earth.

The weather station called for fog and it surely was dense as I drove down the highway. Entering the park it was as if in a dream, and a good one at that!  Driving into the Bison Loop as they call it I was taking photos of some lone trees hoping for any animal to happen by. I parked the car, my trusty steed and turned the engine off. I enjoyed the quiet of the morning and the cool air hit my face and my hands. I could hear branches snapping and thought it was the slight breeze hitting the leaves that were still on the trees. Got back into the car and drove on & came upon 3 bison on the other side of the loop, looming out of the fog. Surreal for real! So that is what was making that noise.

After taking many images which I do so well I drove to this local town, another fave place and ordered the regular meal. I listened to the conversation of the farmers sitting at the other tables talking of there farms, there farm hands. This is what I call my payoff as I sit here enjoying my morning and I still have the rest of the day to go. More adventures to be had~

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Goddess Up®

This past weekend was spent @ a Goddess Up® Workshop that Sierra Bender was hosting in a town not far from my city. Empowerment is the name of the game and after this weekend I surely got it going! I attended her first workshop in 2013 Dec and I have never looked back since. In this past year I have rid myself of beliefs that did not serve me well.  My relationship with my family members which was rocky has now changed and more stable. In fact I was told by my dear Auntie how I have grown. Even though I am middle aged and close to sixty I take that as a cool compliment! I gained so much by my intuition getting stronger, more confident, focused, self esteem is at a all time high and what more could a person want.

There were about 32 of us ladies from all ages and we got right to work with the healing process. Lots of information to download, and take away for sure as well as the AHA moments and finally getting it. Until you are ready to receive it, it will not matter. I know this because I have walked this road and have had people tell me this and that and not understanding at the time. Lot’s of purging and the board breaking was inspiring! Everyone was on a roll with that one. But I walked in not knowing all of the lady’s and made friends with them by the time we were finished. Check her website out and you will see what I mean. goddess_up-final-logo-02-1024x375

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Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

I have been reading of late about manifestation, how our thoughts can lead us to strive for better lives. So with this in mind I put it out there happily of course and ask you for the big lotto!  My desire is for this to happen and place my faith in you. I am hoping that my ship comes in…soon. I wait with bated breathe.

Signed, Anxious Up North

Dear Gail,

Hahahahahahahaha..good one!

Signed, The Universe

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The Path

I set my GPS to a better life. At first I didn’t know how to work this machine as it didn’t come with directions. So with this challenge I tried to figure it out myself. The roadblocks I encountered should have gave me a clue but I kept hammering away thinking it will crumble and I can continue on. That was not meant to be. The GPS finally called it a day and wouldn’t work at all. Receiver was wonky & the voice navigation came in another language, some ancient dialect I wondered. I am sure it kept saying, You got it all wrong! So I decided to ask the universe for help and in that moment I was recharged with strength to get through the muck and joy to laugh it all off after it all was done. It took years and then some to wash the residue of my old life off, as it did not serve me well. With new directions tuned into that old GPS I found signs that said Empowerment, Change, Courage, Strength, Joy & Yes you can do it too!

And the voice navigation system worked like no other as it gave me terrific directions in a kind & gentle voice sending me to people who could assist me in my journey, my quest. My machine sends me to places of wonderment, those tall peaks that surpass the clouds, to animals that roam the countryside, to the sea to drink in the sight & the smells. I think this tool serves me well now~

Out at Sea

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Last night the other half & I went to visit his mother who lives in a lodge. They were having pub night which consists of entertainers coming in for an hour to give of there time to share there music with some elderly people.

His mother was downstairs in the recreation room waiting for us and she had two other companions with her. They were the musicians, John and his lovely wife Alice. They were both engaging and the conversation just flowed about there life and how active they were as they were both in there early 80’s. We talked of the genre of music and what we would be hearing this night which was early 30’s and 40’s country ballads. I was mentioning how I loved the crooning sensations of Frank Sinatra and John blurted out, “I don’t like his songs, don’t care for him” I then turned to him and said, “So what happens when you pass and he meets you in heaven?” John smiled and said, “I would give him a big hug because there is no hate in heaven, they know only love!”

After chatting a little bit more they both got up, Alice to do some great yodeling tunes and John with his harmonica. We sang along to the songs we remembered and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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Your Grounded!!

So the our bi-weekly psychic development class started off our new year with a 2 hour discussion about grounding and how important it is when you are doing your readings which we were doing of a person not present. I came away from this reading a bit more aware and learned a great deal. But I wanted to know more about grounding. 

Spiritual Grounding  Through meditating,see in your minds eye a bright light from your center that goes through the earth to the core, send out roots to anchor you and then shoot back up through your body and up through your crown and spill out over your body to protect you.

Using Black Kyanite, Blue Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Boji stone, Turquoise stone are but a few used for Crystal Grounding.

Physical activitysaging, which I personally do every morning so I have that covered and bathe with himalayan, sea or hawaiian salt. I also found that bathing would wash the residual after effects of a reading. I was the lucky one who was still feeling it when I got home that night.

Now here’s another little tidbit that I really love and that is chocolate is a great grounding tool as it grows in the earth and hence one is grounded. Hmmmm, may have to do this one on a regular basis..hahahahaha. Oh and lastly walking on the earth in your bare feet. All so simple and easy to do. You re-connect with Mother Earth, Gaia and become balanced and ready to take on the world or rather your little patch of the world.

Our teacher tells us to ground ourselves many times in the day as there is so much energy swirling around and we pick this up. And she also say’s to meditate, meditate, MEDITATE!

The birds had already "grounded" themselves..
The birds had already “grounded” themselves..

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Funny you would say that….

Is it just me or are strangers drawn to you? I find being out there in the world people are more wont to spark up a conversation with me. Must it be my smile? My approachable demeanor? And when they do spark up the conversation I gain a lot of information from them. I suppose I am a great listener too. Also being in the right place at the right time as in this story.

This past September I was walking towards a bookstore and there was a lady walking beside me and we started talking. We both remarked on how beautiful the fall day was and the conversation went from there to many other topics. One particular thing though was that she was volunteering her services as a Reiki Healer at a hospital here in our city & would I know how to find an Indian Elder? Who better to ask than me? I told this kind lady that our local Native Friendship Centre would be able to help her in her endeavours. A gift of tobacco when she met the Elder is what I also imparted to her for his knowledge.

She was very thankful, shook my hand and went on her way. I love these random vignettes in my life. If I can be of help to another soul than so be it.


Story Teller

Look Up!

Ken who I call my other half, kids me often when I look up into the sky. It doesn’t matter if it should be night or day because there is always something to see.

We took a early morning adventure to our Canadian mountains, a mere 4 hour drive and it was still dark as our car drove down the highway. The stars sparkled brightly and were so huge compared to what one would normally see in the city. It just POPS!  Look, there is the big dipper! I excitedly say to him. Travelling before the sun rose was surreal. You couldn’t really see anything far away except for the road ahead so I was looking UP!  It was like we were in our own timeless cocoon. The other half even remarked that it was certainly a great way to wake up to all these magnificent stars following us or were we following them? I tracked a plane flying overhead and just couldn’t imagine what the pilot was seeing so close up there.

We stopped for breakfast half way to our destination and the sun was starting to make its usual appearance. The pinks and yellows and the blues were breath taking. We sat in the restaurant as still, I was looking UP!sunrisingLooking forward to our trip we both got into the jeep and continued to our nirvana, our place where we both ground ourselves, he being the driver and watching for wildlife to point out to me and me taking images.

We get closer to the Canadian Rockies and it is truly a sight to behold and now we are both looking UP! We are taking a different route and going closer to the mountains. A lone road where we are hoping to see the animals we came all this way to see. A small ghost town, Cadomin is pretty cool to see. Boarded up homes where you would expect people to come back in the summer to enjoy hiking, biking, fishing or boating or just to sit. It’s a mining town and there are a few residents but not to many.

Ghost Towning

We leave this, dare I say it, sleepy town and venture down the road. We come to this beautiful sight and I ask the other half to stop, I need to take a picture. I walk away from the vehicle and turn and look UP & see elk grazing on the side of the mountain staring down at moi. I turn and take my image..of the other half standing there watching over me or just watching. It truly was beautiful.


We seen many elk, big horn sheep and figured they were in prime grazing area as there was not that much snow on the hills. Can you believe that being so close to the mountains?

The other half took me for pizza when we arrived in Jasper,AB and he said, “When you get home and one of your friends asked you what you did today, just say we went for pizza 4 hours away”  He sure can make me giggle!

On our way home I can state we were more at peace and him ready to take on the work week. A little mini vacation is good for the soul and even if for just the day.