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Home Sweet Home

And I looked at all the beauty that surrounded me and said, “I am home!”

And so my Monday starts with this feeling of rejuvenation coursing through my body, my mind clear and unaffected, my mood peachy keen. I was standing on the cruise ship NCL in Miami, FL when I made that statement early in the morning. The sky baby blue with fluffy clouds tossed to and fro. Water greenish blue sparkling all around us and the air salty on my tongue and so very humid. Drinking all this in as I knew it would end so very soon.

Room with a view
Room with a view

The people I met and there were many on this cruise were delightful, friendly and so much fun! And so many people from all over the USA, so many accents, so much food and oh let us not forget the images I took with my trusty camera, so many pictures! Shopping was our main objective with treasure’s to be had and brought back. Alas and alack our luggage did not follow us all the way home. Hopefully we will be picking them up sometime this afternoon though.

Story Teller


I have to relate this one to you because it “caught” me. The other day I was with the other half and we had just got out of the vehicle so I could pick up a library book. He took a call before we walked in so I hung around kind of enjoying the sunny day and all. There were two teenagers standing a few feet away from me kind of hugging. She was smiling, it was endearing. They started talking with her saying she had to go. He swore. She started to walk towards the library doors. “Why are walking away from me, why are you being like that?”, he said angrily. She replied, “You swore at me and Cree women don’t have weak knees!”
I had to smile at that, the righteous attitude she had and the way she stood up for herself. Way to go, I thought, you will go far.
I caught up with her and her sister in the library as they were leaving and said how awesome that was. She stated that he was “trying” to be controlling but she wasn’t going to put up with it. This from a 14 year old. Her mother would be proud!

Story Teller

The Boys

“A few years back I had a dream of a maze inside a gray building. I could hear excited voices and them saying, “She’s here!” It seemed as all night long people that had passed came out of the door to greet me, so happy they were. I remember seeing Kenny and Rob together, excited that I could see them. Kenny talking up a storm and Rob very quiet. When I awoke from this I was quite tired from the all night “party” but lifted from this visit. Another has gone this week and I am sad to hear of his passing. He was a kind and gentle friend who always took the time to give me that big old bear hug and listen to my stories which were many. He had a smile that lit up the room and a wise wisdom to his demeanour. His was the idea to have my angel wings rings made for me and that I wear proudly. Sleep with angels my friend.~”

And so it was that someone close to our circle of friends has gone on. He had had a diagnosis of cancer many years ago and I look at the years in between that he had accumulated. We all thought that then he was going to pass and we were so happy when he came back from the doctors with an all clear.

I know that I have talked of my dream’s and the visitations. Those started happening to me as far back as I could remember. I know as a child I had night terrors and many vivid dreams and I really needed someone to listen to me, but alas and alack, it was not to be. Add to that the story teller I became and a big wonderment to my Mother who may or may not have believed some of my tall tales of the things I seen or what was going to happen. She didn’t know what to do with me. I didn’t know what to do with me. Too funny now when you think of it. Now in my later years I feel comfortable in my skin learning more about the gift which we all have and how to use it. I hang out with like minded people who soothe my soul. I delight in my world and it is at times like this with the passing of a great friend that I can find solace that he is healed and may one day come to visit. And add to that is probably with the boys, Kenny and Rob and in good company.

Story Teller

Ebb & Flow

IMGP6412 (2)Loyal, trustworthy, loving, caring, fun, witty, adventurous, all attributes of a wonderful friend.From the time we are small children we meet with like minded people that we love to hang around with. As a child I had a crew of best buddies who nutured our friendship with sleepovers and penny arcades, trips to the local swimming pool, baseball, football games we played until it was too dark to see. Camping out with them and walking through the woods with not a plan in mind but looking forward to the day and see what we could get ourselves into. The years go by and we enter high school and now we meet other new people. But isn’t that what life is about. The ebb and flow of the tide. Yes there have been some that have stayed and are still around and then some gone. They moved on, I moved on. I can say though through thick and thin there have been some that have been there for me and I for them. Even with all there stuff, they are there through the good and the bad. We could not see each other for years and pick up where we left off because that is what we do. And then there are some that are the constant in our daily lives. I am grateful, yes I am for the people that I have formed friendships with and the lessons I have been taught and will continue to learn. Because as the song goes, that is what friends are for.

Intuition, Story Teller


And so I seem as though I am living another life. I have always been the girl who went to church, dutifully. I never seemed the get why I was in church. I would gaze at all the statues, the stained glass, the ceremony and yet I was waiting for someone to blast through those doors and say, “Here I am!” As my younger adult years went on I sadly gave up going as in my mind that I had been made to. This was my belief.

In 2009 I went through a life changing treatment with the usual effects of hair and weight loss but came through that with all the bells and whistles months later. My spiritual awakening came in the middle of that treatment. It had already been months into it and one day I dragged myself to the kitchen so thirsty, so hungry but yet very weak. I fell to the kitchen floor and started to cry. It was all I could do but in the middle of my feeling sorry for my self I decided to ask Him for help. So I prayed for Strength and then I thought a little more and since I was still down there on the floor I asked for Joy. I felt this surge go through the tips of my toes to my head and as I picked myself up by the stove I started to laugh. Everyday I wake up either laughing at something that I have done or I remember something funny. Not a day goes by that I say how grateful I am.

We have a church in the downtown area where I started to attend services. I have to tell you my experience is totally different and now I understand it. I also know that He is always with me and walks with me and so I am not beholden to this building although I do attend when the feeling hits me. It’s like visiting with good people and that my friends is pretty cool!

Now that my intuition has opened up more I know that having spirituality is a big plus. They go hand in hand. The gift is all in us but I figure it all up to us to use it. That is my belief. This past year has been a sense of wonder and of knowing and also having mentor help me to develop this. I meditate on a daily basis whether it be guided or just walking outside or even in the moment of taking my pictures. The meditation has definitely helped to calm me but also to take away those awful migraines I had. I find that I can be present. I get that when I worry about something that happened yesterday or could happen in the future I lose out. What happened, has happened and no sense in rehashing it. It serves no purpose.

And so I continue on in my truly wonderful journey and I have no expectations and take it as it comes and be grateful~IMGP4162

Story Teller


“I had a dream of your father. I was with my other half Ken in this big house & we were walking through the rooms. We were getting ready to leave for a trip. Your dad made quite an entrance riding a bike, a very unusual bike which was low to the ground. Beyond his handle bars and in front of him was a black pin ball machine with a long front end from that. He was very happy indeed and not wearing that eye patch that was always a part of him as we know. Looked very young and wearing jeans and a white top if I remember correctly”

And so this particular and memorable dream came a few days before Mark’s birthday. Sadly he had passed on a few years ago. He was a good friend to me when I met him. 25 years ago we hung out in this place that had a black pin ball machine and I had that machine rigged where only I could have free games on it. Mark had lost his his right eye when he was younger and he wore either a black patch or the artificial eye. And besides being the one to find his eye every once in a while we always had a great time laughing. And so I passed this message on to his daughter Cassie that very morning and she stated that she to also had a dream about him. Cassie told me that she rarely dreamt of him and that she missed him terribly and thanked me for sharing.

And  also another thing about his eye. He lived in my basement suite for a time and when he left he again asked me to keep an eye out for his lost orb. I found it when I was cleaning up and I got on the phone with him. He told me to keep it as he was having an operation and would get back to me. He never did. He took his own life not to long after. My intent then was to give it to Cassie on her 18th birthday which I did. She was overcome.

It’s all about healing~

Intuition, Story Teller


Funny how intuition works. Actually it doesn’t work hard. If we pay attention we can get by with the daily dealings that life brings us. The other day I had an impulse to drive around the perimeter of my city. Actually it didn’t really start out that way but I just followed my urge to have an adventure which I did. Starting at my friends farm and taking images of her 4 horses set the tone for the morning. Gentle beings they are and it was my first time alone in the pen with them. It seemed as they were posing and then vying for my attention. I so loved it! I then went for breakfast at my another friends restaurant out in the country and after finishing there and a brief visit with her I went on my way.

That is when I knew I would be starting my trek on the secondary highways. I have a map and was watching the signs but would find myself in unknown areas. I would simply park, take a deep breathe of that fresh crisp air and just “Be” At times the abandoned farm buildings piqued my interest and I would get out and start snapping. And so it went on like this throughout the day. Just trusting in my self and going on. Surprise, surprise! I made it half way the circle around noon and really enjoying how easy everything was turning out. The traffic was smooth and at times I would guess what direction the vehicle behind me would be going on even how long. By the time I got home it was supper time and not even tired after driving and stopping for 6 hours. I met a few friendly people in my path and the scenery was most beautiful. So this day I found out how easy it is for our intuitive souls are if you pay attention. I more or less, “Let it be”

Old Beauty~
Old Beauty~