Ducats anyone?

Dream # 20440

Very colorful crazy dream with me travelling the world and finding myself in New York city with all the lights of Times Square shining brightly. I look up to a huge screen on the building and see a girl drinking from a Campbells soup can with the words, horse and then orang written on it. Yes orang, spelt like that. Caught my attention like it was suppose to.

I am following these exotic women to a table where they have bags of ducats and sitting down to count them. At first one in particular was a tad nervous not knowing me but I quickly disarmed them all by telling them stories of working in the bank. Who knew that this would actually come in handy and in a dream. Yes, I did work in a bank for many years in reality.

Okay now to the dream interpretation of horse which was: the message and the messenger, making progress, unbridled emotions, that is making progress. Orange was broken down to food that nourishes us spiritually. Ducats or money: benefits or returns from efforts, that which is of value and truth.

This interpretation makes perfect sense to me and answers my questions as to my life purpose wondering if I am on the right path. You live in a life where for many years your parents or those in authority told you life is a certain way but your mind say it different as it was in my case. All those years of fighting this wonderful gift and now to relish in it. I have met so many people that have appeared to help me in my endeavors, some from my classes, and some almost magically from no where. I love my life with the adventures and the crazy dreams that come with it and so I say bring it on and enjoy your day my friends.

Gary Wright “Dream Weaver”


Brand New Day

Yesterday I had made a tea date to visit my truly gifted friend, Shaunda Lee for 9:30. Thinking that it was going to be about an hour I was so surprised to look at the clock in her kitchen and find out that many hours had passed and it was close to 3 pm. I consider her to be one of my mentor’s in my journey as is my Auntie Doreen and the information I receive is most precious to me.

We went from one topic to the next as sat and enjoyed her scrumptious cookies and hot tea. I had brought my tarot cards thinking that I would give her a reading and also learn along the way. Well I was correct on the part about learning as it was my first kick at the cat so to speak. (Note: No cats were harmed in this or any production of said tea party!) What happened is that I seen the tarot cards from another perspective and one that I could understand and it all became very clear with her teaching.

My work is to put an hour of instruction about these cards and that is to read for myself which I have already done and to write everything about each card. By the way I am using the celtic cross spread for those of you wondering. Looking forward to tomorrow’s reading and perhaps learning much more of this spiritual world which I am so ready to receive. And let’s not forget to be so thankful!DSCN7385

Musing Daily, Story Teller

Funny you would say that….

Is it just me or are strangers drawn to you? I find being out there in the world people are more wont to spark up a conversation with me. Must it be my smile? My approachable demeanor? And when they do spark up the conversation I gain a lot of information from them. I suppose I am a great listener too. Also being in the right place at the right time as in this story.

This past September I was walking towards a bookstore and there was a lady walking beside me and we started talking. We both remarked on how beautiful the fall day was and the conversation went from there to many other topics. One particular thing though was that she was volunteering her services as a Reiki Healer at a hospital here in our city & would I know how to find an Indian Elder? Who better to ask than me? I told this kind lady that our local Native Friendship Centre would be able to help her in her endeavours. A gift of tobacco when she met the Elder is what I also imparted to her for his knowledge.

She was very thankful, shook my hand and went on her way. I love these random vignettes in my life. If I can be of help to another soul than so be it.