Ducats anyone?

Dream # 20440

Very colorful crazy dream with me travelling the world and finding myself in New York city with all the lights of Times Square shining brightly. I look up to a huge screen on the building and see a girl drinking from a Campbells soup can with the words, horse and then orang written on it. Yes orang, spelt like that. Caught my attention like it was suppose to.

I am following these exotic women to a table where they have bags of ducats and sitting down to count them. At first one in particular was a tad nervous not knowing me but I quickly disarmed them all by telling them stories of working in the bank. Who knew that this would actually come in handy and in a dream. Yes, I did work in a bank for many years in reality.

Okay now to the dream interpretation of horse which was: the message and the messenger, making progress, unbridled emotions, that is making progress. Orange was broken down to food that nourishes us spiritually. Ducats or money: benefits or returns from efforts, that which is of value and truth.

This interpretation makes perfect sense to me and answers my questions as to my life purpose wondering if I am on the right path. You live in a life where for many years your parents or those in authority told you life is a certain way but your mind say it different as it was in my case. All those years of fighting this wonderful gift and now to relish in it. I have met so many people that have appeared to help me in my endeavors, some from my classes, and some almost magically from no where. I love my life with the adventures and the crazy dreams that come with it and so I say bring it on and enjoy your day my friends.

Gary Wright “Dream Weaver”


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