Family, Loved Ones

In All That It Is

Massive changes within the family dynamic and it is the accepting part that was worked on in my inner psyche. Grabbed that courage deep down in the belly and brought it up to the heart and staying on course. True North. Our matriarch has been diagnosed with dementia last year and our family has stepped up to the plate and supported each other. Mom has diminished to a slight version of herself but it has been learning for all of us from day 1. My first clue was 4 years previous when she called me a different name and then on a later call days later to say she only had one daughter. There are two of us. I let this episode sink in. November proved to be trying month with admission to a elders lodge as we all let go of the fact that we could no longer give her the care she needed. As the residence is on lockdown due to covid we are able to spend time with her by taking her for drives through the countryside. Our newest past time is singing. She remembers the words to some songs. She is still able to read and announces the town we are entering. It is these moments that I am grateful. For today it is all about the mindfulness and drinking in every memory and snapping images of her precious smile. But to say to her, “I love you Nikâwiy” and she replies: “I love you Nitânis” is gold to me. Cree:”nikâwiy” for mother, nitânis for daughter.