Intuitive, Mediumship or Tarot Readings

$50/30 minute individual reading.

$100/60 minute individual reading.

Individual Readings are done in-person, Zoom or phone.

Family Sessions

Family sessions are for several family members wishing to make contact with the same departed loved one. These sessions can be done in the comfort of your home, by phone or Zoom.

$100-1 hour session (includes 2 people)

$20-For each additional person (up to 4-5 people)

Intuitive or Mediumship Group Readings

Individual Reading Parties-Private one on one for the following services.

  • Mediumship
  • Intuitive
  • Tarot or Angel Card Readings

4-10 People Required@ $40/25 minutes.

Fee Waived For Host-When the host has a total of 5 or more, their reading is complimentary.

Note: If the round trip is more than 50km, rates are increased by $5 per person.

Group Reading-A reading for friends or co-workers will give you an opportunity to receive a message from your departed loved one in a group setting. These are not full readings and not private. Event duration is 75 minutes.

9-20 People@ $30 per person

Note: If the round trip is more than 50km a $25 travel fee will apply.

Fee waived for host: When the host has a total of 10 people, their fee is waived.

To Reserve Any Of The Above Services: Contact Gail via to reserve a date or to discuss other details. Please provide your name, email & phone number. Parties and group readings are scheduled for weekends but am open to doing readings during the week.

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirit through clairaudience; to hear, clairvoyance; to see, clairsentience; feel and read energy, clairaugustance; to taste. Spirit guides or loved ones and yes even animals are often present and give messages of support and guidance. It can be very profound to be able to connect with a loved one that has past over and receive a message. The intuitive readings is to give insight and clarify decisions regarding family, career, relationships and spiritual paths.

Tarot Readings is an insightful experience delving into emotional, physical & spiritual clarity . We are all intuitive beings with that sense of knowing so the reaffirmations sets us on our right path.