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Pass that ketchup please..

It’s early morning Sunday and on this day I am alone and looking for some hot breakfast and head out to this favorite spot that I dearly love. My comfort food is served to me in this cozy restaurant, a place where I know everyone’s name and they all know my other half’s name and mine. Where they know what I want for breakfast and sometimes even for dinner. The place is full and I don’t have to wait long in the line up. Casey say’s to me, “You all alone?” Yes, I state. But the tables are all full so in a sense I am not. She seats me at a two person booth but so close to other patrons. It’s a popular spot for (1 of 1)

I over hear everyone’s conversation from sports to girls, the person’s day, all a huge gamut of swirling noise of a baby crying in the corner, TV blaring, cooks bellowing, “Order Up!” Waitresses doing there little dance as they sidestep each other in there area to fill up coffee cups and bring them to the tables, the girls clearing the tables and then bringing customers to them and the flow continues. This probably going on as I sit here and write this.

I read my paper, make a few notes, gaze at the television for inspiration, drink the rest of my coffee and head out into the cool morning air. I ask myself,”What should I do today?”

Story Teller, Universe

Home Sweet Home

And I looked at all the beauty that surrounded me and said, “I am home!”

And so my Monday starts with this feeling of rejuvenation coursing through my body, my mind clear and unaffected, my mood peachy keen. I was standing on the cruise ship NCL in Miami, FL when I made that statement early in the morning. The sky baby blue with fluffy clouds tossed to and fro. Water greenish blue sparkling all around us and the air salty on my tongue and so very humid. Drinking all this in as I knew it would end so very soon.

Room with a view
Room with a view

The people I met and there were many on this cruise were delightful, friendly and so much fun! And so many people from all over the USA, so many accents, so much food and oh let us not forget the images I took with my trusty camera, so many pictures! Shopping was our main objective with treasure’s to be had and brought back. Alas and alack our luggage did not follow us all the way home. Hopefully we will be picking them up sometime this afternoon though.