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Awakening Auras Workshop

Auras are a field of energy and is believed to shield and protect your subtle non-physical body. The aura appears like a glow around your physical body. It protects your energy system from the harmful effects of the environment. You will notice an aura around every living being. Discover the methods and practices that enable you to view the aura, and develop your clairvoyance to gain intuitive understanding of the colors, the shapes and hues and their meanings. Auras are as unique as fingerprints, plus they are always changing slightly dependent upon our mood, health and emotional state.
The class will encompass:
1- Understand what is an aura.
2- Understand and interpret the colors and shapes within the aura.
3- How to strengthen and protect your aura through grounding & cleansing.
4- How to interpret auras through clairvoyance and clairsentience.
5- Techniques to view your aura as well as others’ auras.

This interactive class will give you opportunities to practice your new skills as well as give you take-home handouts for you to refer back on.
Cost: $50. ~ Book now as there is limited seating! For more information please message FB@GailIntuitiveMedium
This class is designed for all levels. No prior experience necessary. Come down and have some fun and bring a friend!

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Non sum qualis eram


Outlook is everything is it not dear reader? Have you ever felt that shift when your experiences seem to jive as if you are on course. You have found your purpose, never mind trying to find it in the first place as I did.

High school was a breeze for me. Being an honor student, a far cry from the girl who had to repeat Grade 7.  But there was one thing that I didn’t have what everyone else had. A plan. Had no clue what I wanted to be. It never entered my mind as a young child to say, “I want to be a nurse or a doctor.” I might have well just said, “I want to be a truck” for all the effort I was giving my education. Taking subjects meant for the type of work well suited. I didn’t get that. Coasting was my best subject.

Back then I just wanted to get by, which I did but desired so much more. Purpose 101 was very big back then for me in daily life and what was the big picture for me career wise? What was I suppose to be doing? Being on my own partying was to factor in and so was travelling aimlessly through our provinces. Had to have an edge to keep myself safe. And yes I was a catholic girl but such a bad ass too.

I am but a far cry from the person that I am now. Much more grounded, having more faith and less doubt of what is, happy and so at peace.  It feels like new skin, new experiences like I went back to school to re-learn everything about life. The purpose of healing be it from energy healing to healing messages through psychic or mediumship readings or simply coaching people. I get the feeling of it, what I do now. It comes easy whereas I was thinking way to hard about what intuition was all about or suppose to be about. I had my own ideas about it for sure. The third eye was kind of hard to understand. I actually thought an eye was going to pop out anytime. That made my aunt laugh about that one. Makes me laugh now, at my naivety.

Life for me now is interspersed with meditation, coaching sessions from mentors, prayers and daily living. This skin feels vibrant, excited for new adventures, the unknown. Let it be known that we are students in this vast universe and when not students, teachers as well.  Dear reader, you can never go back and repeat after me, “I am not what I once was.”

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Fly High Like a Eagle!

At the end of 2013 I booked a flight to Vancouver and secured a room not far from the downtown area and also made plans to stay with a friend on the island for a few days. All was set in my mind to do my soul journey, a trip that I could get on that airplane by myself without suffering a dreaded panic attack. I may have spoke of my anxiety in previous posts that I have dealt with since I was a child but it had gotten progressively worse in the tail end of my marriage. That marriage was at a dead stall and we both agreed on an amicable separation and then a divorce. It was then I also went through a life changing event after a trip to a physician and with his help was able to get my good health back and was now on track with my anxiety as well with eating right, sleeping well, exercising and meditating.

It was then after booking this flight my friend offered me a spot to attend an empowerment class, Sierra Bender, Goddess To The Core, a two day deal. I came out of there a brand new person with eyes wide open and ready to take on the world. Sierra Bender as her website states:  “The ‘SBM’ Method  works to break the cycle of stress and disempowerment by synthesizing the disciplines of modern medicine, science, indigenous wisdom, holistic health, exercise physiology, quantum physics, nutrition, yoga therapy and the psychologies of trauma, addiction and sexual abuse. The ‘SBM’ is a method of self-realization, self-empowerment and self love.” If this good lady ever comes to your hometown I totally recommend this 2 day course as it’s the best thing you could do for one’s self, a gift if you will. The Universe sent me this well timed gift perhaps?

January 2014 comes and I am counting down the day until I walk out my front door with my knapsack and my trusty camera and take the bus to the airport. My stomach has butterflies and I am truly excited to be doing this. I get on the airplane and relief washes over me as we fly straight up, the engines roaring and I realize I am crying, not out of fear but joy. True uplifting joy! No sign of panic set in at this moment. The days were a blur as I went driving all over this vibrant city, so huge and so many images to take of the old districts, buildings, the birds, the water. My last day I was walking in Canada Place when a man ran up to me and excitedly told me that there was a eagle perched on a pole way on the other side of the building. What followed was me taking about 300 images of this fine fellow sitting there, staring at times so intently at me. This was the icing on the top of the cake, for sure!eagle 2 (1 of 1)w

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Fall Is Around The Corner!


How does one begin this paragraph with perhaps, what I did on my summer vacation? For the past year I have been the student of a psychic development class. A class that I found quite by accident or was it? I am the great believer that teachers, mentors of life are put in our path, that situations are made to pique our interest and the day I got into my head looking for a spiritualist church which I did. St Brigid’s fit the ticket for this gal. I felt perfectly at home the first Sunday at there service’s with talk of consciousness, there mission, to introduce the philosophy and science of Spirituality. Add to this, the psychic development class and I was so in!

It has been a whirlwind of extraordinary delights to be with like-minded people such as I and have revelled every week with the different exercises to be done. An untethered woman such as I with no structure of great knowledge of how to use my gifts further has truly opened my eyes to a new world. I may become impatient and want it all now but know that it takes time to learn every step to raising one’s vibration, the belief in spirit, grounding, affirmations, the intent of goodness in my heart to help with messages. And so it is with the summer almost over and with me looking forward to the fall classes, it cannot happen soon enough. True I have been doing this on my own this summer without my classmates if you will, reading books to keep up, reading my tarot cards for myself and others but I know truly that it is spirit that comes through for me, that it has always been in me.

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My Little One

Dear Gail,

I have noticed lately that you have been walking around your own little world with this peculiar smile plastered on your face. Wasn’t it years ago that you were down in the dumps and couldn’t see the future for what it could be. Were you living in the now back then? No, I think not, little one. You may think at times you were a woman of the world but all that worrying and talking out loud mutterings were keeping me up late at night. Yes the Universe needs her beauty sleep too! I am happy to see that you have had a change of heart and attitude and now can you see and feel the flow. I know you do. I wrap you up in peace and blessings and hope you continue your path and see it for all that it is. You were meant for this, you got it! Keep at it and know I am cheering you on from the bleachers!

Signed, The Universe~

Story Teller

Too Much!

How much, is too much? Can a person mow the lawn too many times? Does painting the front trim of her home because of upkeep, constitute too much? How about the more mundane chores around the house that need to be done, day in and day out? Perhaps it was when at the start of spring I went shopping for perennials for my front yard, back and forth to the store so many times that week?

My dear Aunt Doreen on every visit I make to her home tells me to slow down, you’re doing way too much. My psychic development classes are done for the summer but its truly an ongoing thing for the meditation that I do every day or every other when I can. To receive messages I know one has to be still and there is many times in the day when I am in repose.  So what is she “seeing” that I am not understanding. Maybe the term, “take it easy” would be better terminology for me.

My photography business is starting up, better than ever and I truly am enjoying all the photo shoots that come my way. So that cannot slow down, I really don’t want it to anyways. And I have been recently doing tarot card readings which again I am enjoying! So to me, this is my life, as busy as it is and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world!


Brand New Day

Yesterday I had made a tea date to visit my truly gifted friend, Shaunda Lee for 9:30. Thinking that it was going to be about an hour I was so surprised to look at the clock in her kitchen and find out that many hours had passed and it was close to 3 pm. I consider her to be one of my mentor’s in my journey as is my Auntie Doreen and the information I receive is most precious to me.

We went from one topic to the next as sat and enjoyed her scrumptious cookies and hot tea. I had brought my tarot cards thinking that I would give her a reading and also learn along the way. Well I was correct on the part about learning as it was my first kick at the cat so to speak. (Note: No cats were harmed in this or any production of said tea party!) What happened is that I seen the tarot cards from another perspective and one that I could understand and it all became very clear with her teaching.

My work is to put an hour of instruction about these cards and that is to read for myself which I have already done and to write everything about each card. By the way I am using the celtic cross spread for those of you wondering. Looking forward to tomorrow’s reading and perhaps learning much more of this spiritual world which I am so ready to receive. And let’s not forget to be so thankful!DSCN7385

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Goddess Up®

This past weekend was spent @ a Goddess Up® Workshop that Sierra Bender was hosting in a town not far from my city. Empowerment is the name of the game and after this weekend I surely got it going! I attended her first workshop in 2013 Dec and I have never looked back since. In this past year I have rid myself of beliefs that did not serve me well.  My relationship with my family members which was rocky has now changed and more stable. In fact I was told by my dear Auntie how I have grown. Even though I am middle aged and close to sixty I take that as a cool compliment! I gained so much by my intuition getting stronger, more confident, focused, self esteem is at a all time high and what more could a person want.

There were about 32 of us ladies from all ages and we got right to work with the healing process. Lots of information to download, and take away for sure as well as the AHA moments and finally getting it. Until you are ready to receive it, it will not matter. I know this because I have walked this road and have had people tell me this and that and not understanding at the time. Lot’s of purging and the board breaking was inspiring! Everyone was on a roll with that one. But I walked in not knowing all of the lady’s and made friends with them by the time we were finished. Check her website out and you will see what I mean. goddess_up-final-logo-02-1024x375

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Your Grounded!!

So the our bi-weekly psychic development class started off our new year with a 2 hour discussion about grounding and how important it is when you are doing your readings which we were doing of a person not present. I came away from this reading a bit more aware and learned a great deal. But I wanted to know more about grounding. 

Spiritual Grounding  Through meditating,see in your minds eye a bright light from your center that goes through the earth to the core, send out roots to anchor you and then shoot back up through your body and up through your crown and spill out over your body to protect you.

Using Black Kyanite, Blue Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Boji stone, Turquoise stone are but a few used for Crystal Grounding.

Physical activitysaging, which I personally do every morning so I have that covered and bathe with himalayan, sea or hawaiian salt. I also found that bathing would wash the residual after effects of a reading. I was the lucky one who was still feeling it when I got home that night.

Now here’s another little tidbit that I really love and that is chocolate is a great grounding tool as it grows in the earth and hence one is grounded. Hmmmm, may have to do this one on a regular basis..hahahahaha. Oh and lastly walking on the earth in your bare feet. All so simple and easy to do. You re-connect with Mother Earth, Gaia and become balanced and ready to take on the world or rather your little patch of the world.

Our teacher tells us to ground ourselves many times in the day as there is so much energy swirling around and we pick this up. And she also say’s to meditate, meditate, MEDITATE!

The birds had already "grounded" themselves..
The birds had already “grounded” themselves..