Story Teller

Too Much!

How much, is too much? Can a person mow the lawn too many times? Does painting the front trim of her home because of upkeep, constitute too much? How about the more mundane chores around the house that need to be done, day in and day out? Perhaps it was when at the start of spring I went shopping for perennials for my front yard, back and forth to the store so many times that week?

My dear Aunt Doreen on every visit I make to her home tells me to slow down, you’re doing way too much. My psychic development classes are done for the summer but its truly an ongoing thing for the meditation that I do every day or every other when I can. To receive messages I know one has to be still and there is many times in the day when I am in repose.  So what is she “seeing” that I am not understanding. Maybe the term, “take it easy” would be better terminology for me.

My photography business is starting up, better than ever and I truly am enjoying all the photo shoots that come my way. So that cannot slow down, I really don’t want it to anyways. And I have been recently doing tarot card readings which again I am enjoying! So to me, this is my life, as busy as it is and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world!


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