So much dirt..

I went to plant some lily’s this morning. I dug a hole and the hole got bigger and bigger. And because it was on a slope I realized I would have to make tiers, just one but had to cut back more. It is my front walk and there are three steps. On either side of this there is a slope and it looks or rather looked like one hot mess!  I have many rocks and used that as well to stabilize all this.

My neighbor from down the street came walking over and I got her take on the whole look on the rock garden because that is what it turned out to be. By the time she left, she gave me a lot of ideas to work from painting my weathered and paint stripped front steps to my home to the frames around my windows but with some electric colors not the mundane white. I want it to POP!

And now I have some work to do in the coming days and look forward to how it will all look! And this all started out this morning because I wanted to plant some lily’s…