Story Teller

Pet Store

My curiosity is piqued when I go near a pet store and on this day with the other half by my side I gravitated towards the front doors of the shop. A little boy all of 6 years sporting a cool mohawk haircut and wearing spiderman clothes stood near his mother who was talking to the store clerk.

I said to Ken, “I’m getting a hamster!” The little boy thinking I was talking to him replied, “NO, I’m getting a hamster!” I then moved on to the birds and seen a pretty little finch and said again to Ken, “I’m getting a bird!” The little boy loudly pronounced, “You’re never getting a bird!”

And so it was that this little bundle of coolness and way out thereness made us laugh. Again he challenged me by asking what was in a cage high above his head and me stating there was nothing in there, where upon he asked Ken to pick him up so he could see for himself.

We left with both Ken and I saying our goodbyes to this little dude and went on to the grocery store. As we were in the check out line who but should be there in front of us with his mother in tow but the little dude himself. “Are you following us?” I asked. “Are YOU following ME?! he stated. Gosh, did he ever make us laugh. Every once in awhile we bring that memory about him by one of us stating, “You’re NEVER getting a bird!”

Story Teller

Puppy Love

As a child I would make the countdown from a month to days to hours to minutes. Lucky little girl who got to stay up till midnight to open one prezzie only to sleep till 6 am & tear open the rest of the loot along with my brothers and sister. The lucky little girl who received her first typewriter, tape recorder (reel to reel), camera, numerous books and the odd pink workout outfits over the years. I think Mom…erp, I mean Santa was wanting to see a little girl instead of the tom boy walking around the house.

In 1972 I fell in love with Donnie Osmond. Had his posters plastered all over my room. All I needed to complete my dreamland was a record with his #1 hit “Puppy Love” I begged my mother not to forget my list because more often then not it was always a surprise. Christmas eve came & I seen a recognizable item under the tree and waited until Christmas morning to open the prized prezzie. Morning came and tearing it open & lo & behold what did I see?! Two albums with the stylistics of “Burl Ives & Minnie Pearl” 

I can tell you that I was disappointed but I tried not to show it to my mother as she looked so happy for me. Laughing about that memory I can say she was only trying to share her love & genre of her music. Good old Mom!

So I share this with you my friends and wish you all a Merry Christmas filled with Peace, Love, Joy & Happiness because that is what counts!!