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Funny you would say that….

Is it just me or are strangers drawn to you? I find being out there in the world people are more wont to spark up a conversation with me. Must it be my smile? My approachable demeanor? And when they do spark up the conversation I gain a lot of information from them. I suppose I am a great listener too. Also being in the right place at the right time as in this story.

This past September I was walking towards a bookstore and there was a lady walking beside me and we started talking. We both remarked on how beautiful the fall day was and the conversation went from there to many other topics. One particular thing though was that she was volunteering her services as a Reiki Healer at a hospital here in our city & would I know how to find an Indian Elder? Who better to ask than me? I told this kind lady that our local Native Friendship Centre would be able to help her in her endeavours. A gift of tobacco when she met the Elder is what I also imparted to her for his knowledge.

She was very thankful, shook my hand and went on her way. I love these random vignettes in my life. If I can be of help to another soul than so be it.



Like a Flowing River by Paulo Coehlo

YOU can give a fool a thousand intellects, but the only one he will want is yours, say an Arabic proverb.

When we start planting the garden of our life, we glance to one side and notice our neighbor is there, spying.

He, himself is incapable of growing anything, but he likes to give advice on when to sow actions, when to fertilize thoughts,

and when to water achievements.

If we listen to what this neighbor is saying, we will end up working for him, and the garden of life will beĀ our neighbors idea.

We will end up forgetting about the earth we culivated with so much sweat and fertilized with so many blessings. We will

forget that each centimeter of earth has its mysteries that only the patient hand of the gardener can decipher.

We will no longer pay attention to the sun, the rain and the seasons; we will concentrate only on that head peering

at us over the hedge.

The fool who loves giving advice on our garden never tends his own plants at all.

From the book; Like A Flowing River by Paulo Coehlo

Story Teller


Last night I was on my way in the driving rain to my friends place. It was home time work day traffic galore and I could see in the distance a long traffic line. Coming to a stop at the lights I was directed by that voice inside to turn right, which I did. Then I did a left and was on a empty street bypassing that long line up about 10 blocks long. Of course I silently thanked my higher self and giggled…

Now I have to say that was the first time I paid attention to that voice and I didn’t think twice so I guess it’s all about the trusting too.

Blessings All~