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Your Grounded!!

So the our bi-weekly psychic development class started off our new year with a 2 hour discussion about grounding and how important it is when you are doing your readings which we were doing of a person not present. I came away from this reading a bit more aware and learned a great deal. But I wanted to know more about grounding. 

Spiritual Grounding  Through meditating,see in your minds eye a bright light from your center that goes through the earth to the core, send out roots to anchor you and then shoot back up through your body and up through your crown and spill out over your body to protect you.

Using Black Kyanite, Blue Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Boji stone, Turquoise stone are but a few used for Crystal Grounding.

Physical activitysaging, which I personally do every morning so I have that covered and bathe with himalayan, sea or hawaiian salt. I also found that bathing would wash the residual after effects of a reading. I was the lucky one who was still feeling it when I got home that night.

Now here’s another little tidbit that I really love and that is chocolate is a great grounding tool as it grows in the earth and hence one is grounded. Hmmmm, may have to do this one on a regular basis..hahahahaha. Oh and lastly walking on the earth in your bare feet. All so simple and easy to do. You re-connect with Mother Earth, Gaia and become balanced and ready to take on the world or rather your little patch of the world.

Our teacher tells us to ground ourselves many times in the day as there is so much energy swirling around and we pick this up. And she also say’s to meditate, meditate, MEDITATE!

The birds had already "grounded" themselves..
The birds had already “grounded” themselves..


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