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The Path

I set my GPS to a better life. At first I didn’t know how to work this machine as it didn’t come with directions. So with this challenge I tried to figure it out myself. The roadblocks I encountered should have gave me a clue but I kept hammering away thinking it will crumble and I can continue on. That was not meant to be. The GPS finally called it a day and wouldn’t work at all. Receiver was wonky & the voice navigation came in another language, some ancient dialect I wondered. I am sure it kept saying, You got it all wrong! So I decided to ask the universe for help and in that moment I was recharged with strength to get through the muck and joy to laugh it all off after it all was done. It took years and then some to wash the residue of my old life off, as it did not serve me well. With new directions tuned into that old GPS I found signs that said Empowerment, Change, Courage, Strength, Joy & Yes you can do it too!

And the voice navigation system worked like no other as it gave me terrific directions in a kind & gentle voice sending me to people who could assist me in my journey, my quest. My machine sends me to places of wonderment, those tall peaks that surpass the clouds, to animals that roam the countryside, to the sea to drink in the sight & the smells. I think this tool serves me well now~

Out at Sea


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