Intuition, Story Teller

Goddess Up®

This past weekend was spent @ a Goddess Up® Workshop that Sierra Bender was hosting in a town not far from my city. Empowerment is the name of the game and after this weekend I surely got it going! I attended her first workshop in 2013 Dec and I have never looked back since. In this past year I have rid myself of beliefs that did not serve me well.  My relationship with my family members which was rocky has now changed and more stable. In fact I was told by my dear Auntie how I have grown. Even though I am middle aged and close to sixty I take that as a cool compliment! I gained so much by my intuition getting stronger, more confident, focused, self esteem is at a all time high and what more could a person want.

There were about 32 of us ladies from all ages and we got right to work with the healing process. Lots of information to download, and take away for sure as well as the AHA moments and finally getting it. Until you are ready to receive it, it will not matter. I know this because I have walked this road and have had people tell me this and that and not understanding at the time. Lot’s of purging and the board breaking was inspiring! Everyone was on a roll with that one. But I walked in not knowing all of the lady’s and made friends with them by the time we were finished. Check her website out and you will see what I mean. goddess_up-final-logo-02-1024x375


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