Story Teller


Early this morning before waking I had a “visit” from my departed kitty Little Evel Knievel, short name Little Evel. In my dream he was walking with me in my adventures, an endeavour to be somewhere important, a mission. I picked him up and put him in my sweater to keep him safe and near me. End dream.

I certainly wish that every night I would be blessed to have these visits but the randomness is what I do love, the surprise. Little kitty passed in June ’08 and I have had a few dreams of him since then. That morning I knew something was a tad off and I asked my then husband if he had seen him. He told me he let him out very early. I walked around the neighborhood calling his name but no such luck. I still had that gnawing feeling, something in the pit of my stomach. Around supper time I received a call from our local pet control service who pick up stray pets and she said that they had identified him by his chip. I asked if I could come see him and she told me that was not advisable that he had been run over by a cement truck. Oh my pretty baby!

Intuitively I knew that he had passed that morning. I had felt that. But he lived a good 14 years with us. He comes to visit now and then and I love our visits and the missions we go on. My buddy~Little EvBlessings All


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