Story Teller

On any given Sunday

As a child my Sunday’s were spent at our neighborhood church a couple blocks away. I was the little girl who grew up with the nuns who wore the long black habit and the whimple and the long black veil. I can say they were kind but stern and I was a little afraid of them. Catechism was taught daily and to be wrote in our scribblers over and over, again and again. I have to say I might have memorized what I was told but I did not a clue to who or what I was praying to. It just didn’t click for me.

It has changed for me as the years went on and I found myself wanting to go back to a church downtown in our city. I love the hymns, the rhythm of the mass that I know by rote. I pray to Creator/Spirit and thank him for prayers answered. It gives me solace.

This past weekend I found myself at a Spiritualist Church I had looked up in the paper. I loved it. The topic that morning was Karma. Something that I had been reading these past few months in the books I get at the library. Before the service began we had a prayer and then a healing meditation. I felt so comfortable sitting there with a lot of like minded people and then after the service meeting a few of the ladies and ohhhh couldn’t I have had a conversation all afternoon with them about any topic about intuition.

Super excited for more to come my way!


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