Story Teller

Acts of Kindness

Watching “Pay it forward” now. Honestly this movie gets me every time..every single time. I know there are many of you out there that have done this simple act in our lifetime sometimes without evening knowing it. And I also know there are many that have done so and not mentioned it.

This morning I had heard from a friend on how she was leaving her New Year’s party sober, on her way home, driving down a secluded road and seen a small figure walking. She slowed her car down and seen that the figure was a girl, visibly upset, crying uncontrollably. My friend asked her if she wanted a ride and the girl got in and told her story. It seems that her “ride” had ditched her at a party and she had many miles to go, in fact it was clear across town. My friend took her right to her front door.

Compassion came to mind and I thought that maybe the girl had been praying for an angel and lucky for her that my friend came along. Sure she took a chance but it just didn’t seem right to drive past this person who obviously looked distressed when my friend said, “It felt right in my heart”

What a spectacular way to start the year 2015 with love, kindness & compassion for another person. I have a feeling the year is going to be a “Gooder”


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