Story Teller


It’s been a while since I last wrote. I have been posting some of web pages such as the tarot cards and meme’s so you get a sense of what I read and see and also like. I am trying to get a handle on the process of making my blog to my liking. A bit of tweaking here and there and its all a learning process and a hit and miss. As well as going through my awakening I am also a photographer and hope to put more of my images here on the blog. I go out in nature where I feel the breeze and enjoy that open space. We have a national park about 40 minutes from my front door and this is where I escape to. Some days the bison are many and sometimes I am lucky to see one if not at all. I have slowly driven through the park @ 40 km which I am sure does drive people crazy but this is what I do to get the right picture of say the the coyote jumping to get his meal in the grass. Or that porcupine that is hiding behind fallen logs. The beaver basking on some mud with the ducks nearby. It’s another world that not many people get to see and I am one lucky gal to do so. The best part of this is the mindfulness and being present. My kind of meditation.

Blessings All~


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