My way of thinking is that everyone needs purpose and for me I start the day with a visit to the gym @ 5:15 and home by 6:30, breakfast and then a hot tea and I sage. Using wood matches as I have been taught by my elders I light the sage & then proceed to move the smoke all over my body and then bringing the smoke to my face touch my forehead and asking Creator to let me “see” what I need to, my mouth that I may speak the truth, my ears that I may hear what I need, and lastly my heart to fill it with compassion and love, to be open and to thank Creator for this day, for me and end with our Cree amen “hiy hiy”. Then I settle down to a guided meditation, “Angel Contact” for about 30-40 minutes. For me it helps to “ground and keep me open” I then get on with my day, what ever may come.

Whenever I am out and about taking pictures I find it is another form of meditating and grounding ones self. I am present & so in the moment and loving what I am doing and that is usually being out in nature. This day I was in Devonian Gardens and talking to the bee and asking him for a pretty shot. I have to laugh at myself in these moments but they work for me. Time seems to stretch when I am out in the back woods, so timeless it seems, breathing in the air from the trees, the flowers. Maybe I should title this shot “Smile!” Hahahahahahaveryverybusy


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