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5 Days In July

This morning I had the urge, huge urge to get in my car, travel to a pilgrimage an hour away from my city, a nice drive out in the country to the lake. And when I parked the car I heard my name called a few times, “Gail! Gail!!” trying to get my attention. My mother, bless her heart was in a vehicle with two of my aunts parked a few cars down. I knew that this was providence and going to be a fun day even though the services would be solemn but joyous. Love the singing part myself!

Lac Ste. Anne is a site for the annual pilgrimage, a spiritual gathering with many hundreds in attendance. Here follows what Parks Canada explains in more detail than I could.

“Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage is a site of national historic significance because as early as 1889, Aboriginal people, including Cree, Dene, Blackfoot and Métis, have been coming to Lac Ste. Anne to celebrate the Feast of Saint Anne. Saint Anne embodies, for many Aboriginal peoples, the traditional importance of the grandmother figure. For the Aboriginal people of Western and Northwestern Canada, the pilgrimage site is an important place of social, cultural and spiritual rejuvenation, which are important aspects of the traditional summer gathering.”

An outdoor church, a huge building that seated hundreds under that wooden roof with many benches was the first time for me to experience this since I was a child. The service took no time at all and after I walked towards the lake as it is known for its healing waters. In ankle deep water and watching others going way deeper, I said my prayer, the whole reason I came.

People come from near and far for this event and my mom introduced me to long lost relatives from my father’s side of the family. My Aunt Violet, seeing me for the first time since I was a baby couldn’t get over the family resemblance and frankly neither could I. Her son Dennis and his son, Raymond and I made an instant connection, just like we knew each other for the longest time. No sooner had I met them there were more cousins that came over to say hello.  That was pretty darn cool to meet this friendly bunch, getting to know each other and then hugging each other goodbye. I sure hope to see them again!

There were many vendors and I was walking along and spied my Aunt Bertha who I met a couple of years ago. My dad and her were inseparable and when he would come into the city he would stay with her. She was telling me stories today about him, how impeccable he was. Always cleaning and keeping everything neat and tidy including her children. I started to tear up as I really never knew what made this man tick. But it also made me laugh because I picked up on his ways. For me everything has to be perfect.

So there you have it. That huge urge to make this trip and not only to see what this pilgrimage was about with my adult eyes but also to walk into wonder and connection for my emotional being. Dad, I know you are watching me from where ever you are and I thank you for making my day!

Aunt Bertha

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My Little One

Dear Gail,

I have noticed lately that you have been walking around your own little world with this peculiar smile plastered on your face. Wasn’t it years ago that you were down in the dumps and couldn’t see the future for what it could be. Were you living in the now back then? No, I think not, little one. You may think at times you were a woman of the world but all that worrying and talking out loud mutterings were keeping me up late at night. Yes the Universe needs her beauty sleep too! I am happy to see that you have had a change of heart and attitude and now can you see and feel the flow. I know you do. I wrap you up in peace and blessings and hope you continue your path and see it for all that it is. You were meant for this, you got it! Keep at it and know I am cheering you on from the bleachers!

Signed, The Universe~

Letters to Heaven


I have been thinking of you all day. It’s that day again Dad. Father’s Day. That bittersweet day where I am happy but sad. You may have passed on but you are still beating strongly within my whole being. At times I can hear your voice or I remember a silly little antic you use to pull on me as a child.

February 23, 1986, my father passed away from a stroke that he had endured the year previous. He had been in a coma like state that year. My father had been a career service man in the Canadian army and so my childhood was spent waiting for him to come back from where ever the army sent him in the world. My mother and father divorced when I was young and she was lucky enough to meet another man who would take on the challenge of being a new father to …me. I rarely seen my father as he then moved up north and my childhood changed and I was in charge of my little brothers and sister. As I grew older the chasm widened. We did stay in contact and truly loved the day my dad walked into the hospital room to see his first grandchild. He even held him. That was in 1983. Then the day I got the news was February 23, 1985 that he had a severe stroke and they did not know if he would make it.

I have to thank this man as he looks down on me from heaven because he made me the woman that I am. That I can stand on my own and stand up for myself. I am proud of his accomplishments in service to his country and I tell his story to people that will listen because truly it is interesting. Happy Fathers Day dear father. I love you and I miss you. Come visit me in my dreams.

Your loving daughter, Gail1466125_596477600389041_1536298587_n

Letters to Heaven



Hi it’s me Dad, Gail.

I sure miss you and think of you often. It has been many years since you have been gone. Has it been 29 years already? Time surely flies. And it only seemed like it was yesterday when you left. My hopes that all is well and you are healed and in heaven. Oh but sure you are. You know if you are not to busy, send me a sign.

I’ll be watching…. Signed, Your Loving Daughter~

Story Teller


“I had a dream of your father. I was with my other half Ken in this big house & we were walking through the rooms. We were getting ready to leave for a trip. Your dad made quite an entrance riding a bike, a very unusual bike which was low to the ground. Beyond his handle bars and in front of him was a black pin ball machine with a long front end from that. He was very happy indeed and not wearing that eye patch that was always a part of him as we know. Looked very young and wearing jeans and a white top if I remember correctly”

And so this particular and memorable dream came a few days before Mark’s birthday. Sadly he had passed on a few years ago. He was a good friend to me when I met him. 25 years ago we hung out in this place that had a black pin ball machine and I had that machine rigged where only I could have free games on it. Mark had lost his his right eye when he was younger and he wore either a black patch or the artificial eye. And besides being the one to find his eye every once in a while we always had a great time laughing. And so I passed this message on to his daughter Cassie that very morning and she stated that she to also had a dream about him. Cassie told me that she rarely dreamt of him and that she missed him terribly and thanked me for sharing.

And  also another thing about his eye. He lived in my basement suite for a time and when he left he again asked me to keep an eye out for his lost orb. I found it when I was cleaning up and I got on the phone with him. He told me to keep it as he was having an operation and would get back to me. He never did. He took his own life not to long after. My intent then was to give it to Cassie on her 18th birthday which I did. She was overcome.

It’s all about healing~

Story Teller


Can you believe that it has been 3 years since May that you passed away? Time flies Auntie Christina since you left that day in the hospital. I had heard from my Mom that in January 2012 my Auntie had been airlifted to a city hospital not to far from my home. I had not seen this favorite person for about 30 years. Let’s just say that I had removed myself for personal reasons of my own from my whole family. I walked into the Intensive care unit that night and she had aged understandably, her white hair framing her 70 year old face. The Doctors told us that her appendix had burst and that precipitated a heart attack. I bent down to kiss this face that had laughed so many times with me, this person who had guided me through my rough teen years, that had loved me.

The very next morning she would be having her first operation and not thinking about what was to come with the other 6 more after that. I visited her ever other day and then every day, passing the time with her and writing down the history of our family. Asking her what she could remember of long ago times of our people. She had many stories to tell me and I dutifully scribbled every thing I could. One day she confided to me that the first time she laid eyes on me after my long absence that she thought I had come back from the dead. She was so happy! She suffered more complications and thus the rhythm of the operations started. She may have been old with her age but she was hardy and kept holding on to this world. Each time we were told that she was going to pass and to say our good byes and each time she pulled out. She became thinner and at last the Doctors told us to get together and decide what was to be. To keep her alive on a IV pole the rest of her days or let her go. We came together all 30 of us and had a prayer first then we all had a say first on how she impacted our lives and then what we thought. It was the start of our healing process as we were all unified. She also had a DNR on her own bequest and now it was time. Those last days were bitter sweet. We all took turns keeping watch by her bedside. I have to add here that my Auntie Christina had strong religious beliefs and I am sure that is what got her through her painful hours. The day the priest came into her room to give her last rites she broke down her composure. Later after he had left she whispered to me, “I am still here!” She had thought with the last rites she would quickly pass. Honestly we had a good laugh about that, we did. I told her that it would be a good time to talk to each of her 7 children and give them her last words. She turned her head to me and said she had always loved me and that I was a cool and groovey chick. That made me laugh and cry at the same time. She could always do that to me. Auntie then had her children come to her in the next few days. We received a late night call a few days later saying she had taken her last breathe and now it was time to go through the other processes.

Months later I was invited by my friend to a group session to see this medium, a well known one in our city and I went to experience this not expecting much for myself but to see others have there time. Carmel came to me first and said that I had a pretty powerful spirit with me, a female and asked if this person had just passed away and I said yes that it was my Aunt. She then went on to say that this spirit had wanted to thank me for helping her to pass peacefully. Can I tell you how that made me feel? THAT gave me solace like no other. In the intervening months she came through dreams to visit one or two of her children. In one dream to her daughter Donna she was very young, happy and dancing while her father our grandfather played the fiddle. To know that she is healed where ever she is and happy has also helped our grieving process. I thank the great Divine~

Abandoned church in her village
The old cemetery in her village.
Abandoned Church
Abandoned Church
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Goddess Up®

This past weekend was spent @ a Goddess Up® Workshop that Sierra Bender was hosting in a town not far from my city. Empowerment is the name of the game and after this weekend I surely got it going! I attended her first workshop in 2013 Dec and I have never looked back since. In this past year I have rid myself of beliefs that did not serve me well.  My relationship with my family members which was rocky has now changed and more stable. In fact I was told by my dear Auntie how I have grown. Even though I am middle aged and close to sixty I take that as a cool compliment! I gained so much by my intuition getting stronger, more confident, focused, self esteem is at a all time high and what more could a person want.

There were about 32 of us ladies from all ages and we got right to work with the healing process. Lots of information to download, and take away for sure as well as the AHA moments and finally getting it. Until you are ready to receive it, it will not matter. I know this because I have walked this road and have had people tell me this and that and not understanding at the time. Lot’s of purging and the board breaking was inspiring! Everyone was on a roll with that one. But I walked in not knowing all of the lady’s and made friends with them by the time we were finished. Check her website out and you will see what I mean. goddess_up-final-logo-02-1024x375

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Funny you would say that….

Is it just me or are strangers drawn to you? I find being out there in the world people are more wont to spark up a conversation with me. Must it be my smile? My approachable demeanor? And when they do spark up the conversation I gain a lot of information from them. I suppose I am a great listener too. Also being in the right place at the right time as in this story.

This past September I was walking towards a bookstore and there was a lady walking beside me and we started talking. We both remarked on how beautiful the fall day was and the conversation went from there to many other topics. One particular thing though was that she was volunteering her services as a Reiki Healer at a hospital here in our city & would I know how to find an Indian Elder? Who better to ask than me? I told this kind lady that our local Native Friendship Centre would be able to help her in her endeavours. A gift of tobacco when she met the Elder is what I also imparted to her for his knowledge.

She was very thankful, shook my hand and went on her way. I love these random vignettes in my life. If I can be of help to another soul than so be it.


Story Teller


10334455_683266788376788_273173251969449275_nOne early morning my other half & I had left our morning breakfast spot and had just received some not too great news & were trying to digest this. One of his family members was having life trouble and it was a quiet & very somber drive home. We both looked up and seen this image in the clouds and he quickly told me to snap a photo. My other half is a very reality driven person, he see’s black & white so I was surprised by his reaction. We both agreed there was a face in the cloud who resembled his father looking none to pleased. His father had passed from cancer 3 years previous. “Perhaps” I said, “He is here to support you concerning your daughter, but he doesn’t look to happy about it either” The other half also asked me to send it to his sister to get her reaction who also agreed that it looked like there dad.

The other half doesn’t say much to about stuff like this but accepts with what he can see. His sister on the other hand is like me and it gives her solace and faith and that my friends is a good thing.

Story Teller


I have always been able to remember my dreams and am blessed in that. They can be quite active and colorful. The best are when I have visitations from friends that have passed. My friend Terry had passed away a few years back and the few weeks after I was getting messages to pass on to his wife and daughters. While I could think that it was for me I knew that it was important for his family to hear what needed to be said. I receive affirmations that I knew nothing about and when recalling to his wife was able to verify. The dream of him sitting in the kitchen wearing black jeans and a white top listening to a brand new stereo with Christmas wrapping paper still clinging to it. A country station with “Trucker of the Day” and him waiting to hear his name. I knew not what this was about until I talked to her and she said he always opened his presents a few day early than Christmas day and wanted to have his name announced on the radio station. Alas it never was.

One night in his visit his message relayed about his stepdaughter to say, “Tell her even though she was not my real daughter, I loved her just the same!” This coming at a time when this little girl was in serious trouble hanging with the wrong people. I sought her out and took her into the family home office and sat her down and told her what Terry said. She broke down and hugged me.

If I can help anyone like my dreams do then I have done my job whatever that may be. No one needs to walk this earth with hurt in there heart when a kind word or gesture can surely help. I love my dreams and welcome my “visits” when they do come which is pretty much random but I kind of like that.

Blessings All~