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Can you believe that it has been 3 years since May that you passed away? Time flies Auntie Christina since you left that day in the hospital. I had heard from my Mom that in January 2012 my Auntie had been airlifted to a city hospital not to far from my home. I had not seen this favorite person for about 30 years. Let’s just say that I had removed myself for personal reasons of my own from my whole family. I walked into the Intensive care unit that night and she had aged understandably, her white hair framing her 70 year old face. The Doctors told us that her appendix had burst and that precipitated a heart attack. I bent down to kiss this face that had laughed so many times with me, this person who had guided me through my rough teen years, that had loved me.

The very next morning she would be having her first operation and not thinking about what was to come with the other 6 more after that. I visited her ever other day and then every day, passing the time with her and writing down the history of our family. Asking her what she could remember of long ago times of our people. She had many stories to tell me and I dutifully scribbled every thing I could. One day she confided to me that the first time she laid eyes on me after my long absence that she thought I had come back from the dead. She was so happy! She suffered more complications and thus the rhythm of the operations started. She may have been old with her age but she was hardy and kept holding on to this world. Each time we were told that she was going to pass and to say our good byes and each time she pulled out. She became thinner and at last the Doctors told us to get together and decide what was to be. To keep her alive on a IV pole the rest of her days or let her go. We came together all 30 of us and had a prayer first then we all had a say first on how she impacted our lives and then what we thought. It was the start of our healing process as we were all unified. She also had a DNR on her own bequest and now it was time. Those last days were bitter sweet. We all took turns keeping watch by her bedside. I have to add here that my Auntie Christina had strong religious beliefs and I am sure that is what got her through her painful hours. The day the priest came into her room to give her last rites she broke down her composure. Later after he had left she whispered to me, “I am still here!” She had thought with the last rites she would quickly pass. Honestly we had a good laugh about that, we did. I told her that it would be a good time to talk to each of her 7 children and give them her last words. She turned her head to me and said she had always loved me and that I was a cool and groovey chick. That made me laugh and cry at the same time. She could always do that to me. Auntie then had her children come to her in the next few days. We received a late night call a few days later saying she had taken her last breathe and now it was time to go through the other processes.

Months later I was invited by my friend to a group session to see this medium, a well known one in our city and I went to experience this not expecting much for myself but to see others have there time. Carmel came to me first and said that I had a pretty powerful spirit with me, a female and asked if this person had just passed away and I said yes that it was my Aunt. She then went on to say that this spirit had wanted to thank me for helping her to pass peacefully. Can I tell you how that made me feel? THAT gave me solace like no other. In the intervening months she came through dreams to visit one or two of her children. In one dream to her daughter Donna she was very young, happy and dancing while her father our grandfather played the fiddle. To know that she is healed where ever she is and happy has also helped our grieving process. I thank the great Divine~

Abandoned church in her village
The old cemetery in her village.
Abandoned Church
Abandoned Church

3 thoughts on “Auntie”

  1. This is beautiful. Helping someone to die (well) is just about the best thing someone can do in life. I am happy for you that you had a moment to tell you all was well. It’s hard to feel that way on your own, I think, because the pain – both of the person who died and of the people left behind – seems to trump everything else.

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    1. I am sure I couldn’t have written this soon after as it was fresh but the years pass so quickly and yet the pain does not diminish. I had a notion to tell her story when I awoke the other morning and tell it like it is/was. She was pretty cool and I was pretty lucky to know someone like her~ This would be my tribute I suppose~ Thank you for saying it was beautiful Colette~

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