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I have always been able to remember my dreams and am blessed in that. They can be quite active and colorful. The best are when I have visitations from friends that have passed. My friend Terry had passed away a few years back and the few weeks after I was getting messages to pass on to his wife and daughters. While I could think that it was for me I knew that it was important for his family to hear what needed to be said. I receive affirmations that I knew nothing about and when recalling to his wife was able to verify. The dream of him sitting in the kitchen wearing black jeans and a white top listening to a brand new stereo with Christmas wrapping paper still clinging to it. A country station with “Trucker of the Day” and him waiting to hear his name. I knew not what this was about until I talked to her and she said he always opened his presents a few day early than Christmas day and wanted to have his name announced on the radio station. Alas it never was.

One night in his visit his message relayed about his stepdaughter to say, “Tell her even though she was not my real daughter, I loved her just the same!” This coming at a time when this little girl was in serious trouble hanging with the wrong people. I sought her out and took her into the family home office and sat her down and told her what Terry said. She broke down and hugged me.

If I can help anyone like my dreams do then I have done my job whatever that may be. No one needs to walk this earth with hurt in there heart when a kind word or gesture can surely help. I love my dreams and welcome my “visits” when they do come which is pretty much random but I kind of like that.

Blessings All~


2 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. I just made a comment on your cloud post before I read this post – Clearly, you are well aware people can “visit” in dreams! I’ve never had anyone turn up with messages for someone else though. How interesting.

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  2. Ya, I wasn’t paying attention when I was younger but it was happening so many times and as I have said my dreams are very colorful and also busy. My father who had passed was the one who really made me pay attention to the dynamics of it all. Hmmm now there is another story to write.


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