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Where have I been!!

It’s been a whirlwind of activity in my part of the world, photographing the Gay Pride Parade in June, was it?

Life is a Parade~

Taking it to the Streets!!
Taking it to the Streets!!


Loved taking the images of this parade, loved the colors and all the imagery! It was a busy day with many people lining the streets for about 12 blocks.

My next foray into the wild of my city brought me to the Wounded Warrior Poker Run to raise funds and awareness for post traumatic stress disorder by a wonderful lady who is walking across Canada. As Kate MacEachern states, “By horse and by foot, our team will cross 3 provinces in 3 months and over 2700 kms. We are fundraising along with generating awareness so please follow us, and get involved – no support is too small!”

The Long Way Home~
The Long Way Home~

Then it onto the Torresan Brothers Memorial Concert to raise funds for a roof of the family that tragically lost there 2 sons in a vehicle accident exactly 2 years ago yesterday. This was held @ a well known medium in our area, Carmel Joy Baird’s ranch. Quite a few people also showed up for this event to partake in readings given to them by Carmel’s student’s as well as the silent auction and entertainment from Colleen Rae, Darrell Barr, Bobby Cameron and Tim Isberg. Fun afternoon it  and busy snapping those images and meeting some new people!Colleen Rae

Mix that into this active life I have is the Brunch for Broads. This idea started back in April 2013 to introduce my old friends to my new friends as we all had something in common. That brunch at Pack Rat Louie’s started with five and has now grown to 455 members! Just getting out for a few hours having lunch and gabbing with the girls is something that we all need every couple of months.
It has also changed from just getting together for lunch to having venues where there is a charity of choice for each hostess that organizes her event with the help of volunteers. We usually have a variety of entertainment to choose from in our city as every one is always willing to help especially when it comes down to a good cause. One of the entertainers stated the other day that they should give our city motto as, “City of Fundraisers!” Our last venue was in June and we were lucky to have three Fire Fighters from the local fire hall to sell 50/50 tickets for Muscular Dystrophy and for entertainment some stand up comedians. So all in all my life is pretty busy and that is the way I like it from Saging someone’s new home to doing photography at a event to some down time with the other half wandering the roads of my province. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

And here to present the door prize to Deb, one of our BFB alumni were 3 handsome firemen!
And here to present the door prize to Deb, one of our BFB alumni were 3 handsome firemen!
Love, Musing Daily


St. Thomas, NassauDear Universe,

Hi, its me…Gail. I seemed to have left something precious on a far away beach somewhere south east of where I currently sit. I do believe it could be my sanity or maybe its my peace of mind. Yes, that’s it, my peace of mind. I know it sits and waits for me on the white sandy beach in Tortola and if it is at all possible I would love to go back and P.D.Q! I ask you please make it possible for me.

Signed, Pining for Good Times~

Dearest Gail,

Take a number!

Signed, The Universe
Somewhere in the Bahamas

Letter Writer


For many years I dealt with anxiety and because of this I was unable to take trips to far off places because of the aircraft. Too small, too frightening it was in that space. Panic attacks ensued. Through the years and life changing circumstances I have dealt the anxiety through meditation, proper nutrition and physical exercise. In December 2013 I attended a “Sierra Bender’s Workout to the Core” workshop and did that ever help boost my confidence. Through yoga I was finally able to purge and let go and the finale was the board breaking ceremony which I accomplished. For my test I booked a single flight ticket to Vancouver, B.C. for a week long visit to bounce around this beautiful city and take oodles of images.I was wondering as I sat in my seat before take off what was about to happen but I sat back, closed my eyes, took a deep breathe and let everything go. Said a prayer and then we were in the air. I was EXHILARATED!! I started to cry from the happiness of it all. I have to say that that week went by so quickly and I was looking forward to the trip back home. Super excited actually.flightSo now the other half and I are on our way to the east coast coming up soon and this involves a flight to Dallas with a stopover and then on to Miami. So looking forward to our adventure and so looking forward to the plane ride!!


Been Around the World

Magen's Bay, St. Thoma'sMy life has been picking up speed and with my photography amping up with new business and now with my classes happening for intuition tuning, I couldn’t be happier. The other half, Ken and I are planning a long awaited trip to the east coast with a cruise which by the way I have never been on. My quandry is this. How many cards do I bring for my camera never mind about what to pack for clothes which is almost done. A few more weeks and we get on the long flight for adventures and see some beautiful spaces in the Bahamas and other islands.

The plan last year when I brought it up to Ken was to be in the now and drink in that moment so we can remember it for a very long time. I had brought it up to him about not discussing yesterday or the future, that we were on vacation in Honolulu. At the end he brought it up that he thought it had been a great idea but was looking forward to being home. I told him that one only had to look at people that lived there and they wore these worried or what I would call the thinking look. Thinking about the bills, shopping for food, thinking of there job or family or any life situation. And yet they lived in paradise. And really it was being in that state of now they were missing.

So looking forward to this adventure we call life be it here in Canada where the weathers changes on a dime or sunny, humid Florida. Life is pretty funny sometimes and I have to say that grace has touched me in various ways through my photography business, the friends I have met and know, the projects that have opened there doors to include me. If you just let it be and let it flow, well it does just flows. Yes I am truly grateful for what I have inside me and understand it oh so much more as I progress. Looking forward to seeing, knowing more of this vast universe we call life.

Intuition, Story Teller


And so I seem as though I am living another life. I have always been the girl who went to church, dutifully. I never seemed the get why I was in church. I would gaze at all the statues, the stained glass, the ceremony and yet I was waiting for someone to blast through those doors and say, “Here I am!” As my younger adult years went on I sadly gave up going as in my mind that I had been made to. This was my belief.

In 2009 I went through a life changing treatment with the usual effects of hair and weight loss but came through that with all the bells and whistles months later. My spiritual awakening came in the middle of that treatment. It had already been months into it and one day I dragged myself to the kitchen so thirsty, so hungry but yet very weak. I fell to the kitchen floor and started to cry. It was all I could do but in the middle of my feeling sorry for my self I decided to ask Him for help. So I prayed for Strength and then I thought a little more and since I was still down there on the floor I asked for Joy. I felt this surge go through the tips of my toes to my head and as I picked myself up by the stove I started to laugh. Everyday I wake up either laughing at something that I have done or I remember something funny. Not a day goes by that I say how grateful I am.

We have a church in the downtown area where I started to attend services. I have to tell you my experience is totally different and now I understand it. I also know that He is always with me and walks with me and so I am not beholden to this building although I do attend when the feeling hits me. It’s like visiting with good people and that my friends is pretty cool!

Now that my intuition has opened up more I know that having spirituality is a big plus. They go hand in hand. The gift is all in us but I figure it all up to us to use it. That is my belief. This past year has been a sense of wonder and of knowing and also having mentor help me to develop this. I meditate on a daily basis whether it be guided or just walking outside or even in the moment of taking my pictures. The meditation has definitely helped to calm me but also to take away those awful migraines I had. I find that I can be present. I get that when I worry about something that happened yesterday or could happen in the future I lose out. What happened, has happened and no sense in rehashing it. It serves no purpose.

And so I continue on in my truly wonderful journey and I have no expectations and take it as it comes and be grateful~IMGP4162

Intuition, Story Teller


Funny how intuition works. Actually it doesn’t work hard. If we pay attention we can get by with the daily dealings that life brings us. The other day I had an impulse to drive around the perimeter of my city. Actually it didn’t really start out that way but I just followed my urge to have an adventure which I did. Starting at my friends farm and taking images of her 4 horses set the tone for the morning. Gentle beings they are and it was my first time alone in the pen with them. It seemed as they were posing and then vying for my attention. I so loved it! I then went for breakfast at my another friends restaurant out in the country and after finishing there and a brief visit with her I went on my way.

That is when I knew I would be starting my trek on the secondary highways. I have a map and was watching the signs but would find myself in unknown areas. I would simply park, take a deep breathe of that fresh crisp air and just “Be” At times the abandoned farm buildings piqued my interest and I would get out and start snapping. And so it went on like this throughout the day. Just trusting in my self and going on. Surprise, surprise! I made it half way the circle around noon and really enjoying how easy everything was turning out. The traffic was smooth and at times I would guess what direction the vehicle behind me would be going on even how long. By the time I got home it was supper time and not even tired after driving and stopping for 6 hours. I met a few friendly people in my path and the scenery was most beautiful. So this day I found out how easy it is for our intuitive souls are if you pay attention. I more or less, “Let it be”

Old Beauty~
Old Beauty~
Story Teller


I sat in a small town cafe eating my breakfast consisting of eggs & sausages early this morning at around 10 am. My morning started off with a urge to get a move on to take some pictures out of town. I looked at my bedside clock and seen it was 7:37 am. Sunrise was coming at 8:27 am & I had better get going if I wanted to catch the sunrise come up in Elk Island National Park, my fave place on earth.

The weather station called for fog and it surely was dense as I drove down the highway. Entering the park it was as if in a dream, and a good one at that!  Driving into the Bison Loop as they call it I was taking photos of some lone trees hoping for any animal to happen by. I parked the car, my trusty steed and turned the engine off. I enjoyed the quiet of the morning and the cool air hit my face and my hands. I could hear branches snapping and thought it was the slight breeze hitting the leaves that were still on the trees. Got back into the car and drove on & came upon 3 bison on the other side of the loop, looming out of the fog. Surreal for real! So that is what was making that noise.

After taking many images which I do so well I drove to this local town, another fave place and ordered the regular meal. I listened to the conversation of the farmers sitting at the other tables talking of there farms, there farm hands. This is what I call my payoff as I sit here enjoying my morning and I still have the rest of the day to go. More adventures to be had~


Vision Board

This morning I am off to my friends home to start our Vision Boards. My friend Sue had been wanting to do this project but just not knowing where to start or how to go about it. I jumped at this request and am now off to her place with all the things needed for this.

  • Poster board
  • magazines (I had many Oprah mags)
  • scissors & glue sticks
  • paint & scrap booking supplies
  • great attitude

Go through all your magazines and pick some great words or images with which to go for your 2015 board, all the things in life you would desire for this year. I already have some cut out and abundance, joy, grateful & kitchen renovations stand out for me. I also had already painted my poster board with blue clouds and a big old yellow sun in the middle. Trying to be creative and looking good already!

Check out this fabulous site for “How to create a Vision Board” by Jess Ainscough.

Vision Board
Vision Board

Well I will be walking out the door to face the day and look forward to new adventures and I say the same to you! Enjoy your day my friends!

Story Teller


Last night the other half & I went to visit his mother who lives in a lodge. They were having pub night which consists of entertainers coming in for an hour to give of there time to share there music with some elderly people.

His mother was downstairs in the recreation room waiting for us and she had two other companions with her. They were the musicians, John and his lovely wife Alice. They were both engaging and the conversation just flowed about there life and how active they were as they were both in there early 80’s. We talked of the genre of music and what we would be hearing this night which was early 30’s and 40’s country ballads. I was mentioning how I loved the crooning sensations of Frank Sinatra and John blurted out, “I don’t like his songs, don’t care for him” I then turned to him and said, “So what happens when you pass and he meets you in heaven?” John smiled and said, “I would give him a big hug because there is no hate in heaven, they know only love!”

After chatting a little bit more they both got up, Alice to do some great yodeling tunes and John with his harmonica. We sang along to the songs we remembered and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Story Teller

Presently Here

Good story that goes along with being present in time. My other half and I went to Honolulu this past spring and I had asked only one small thing beforehand from him. The man works long hours and as such his mind can travel to past & future thinking of all that needs to be done. I on the other hand wanted to be relaxed and not think of anything to do with my active life. This little voice popped into my head a few days before we were to take off on that big old plane and that is what it said…Present!

So my request was this. Just to be present, not to utter anything worrying thing in our mind and to enjoy the moment. We thoroughly enjoyed every sight we did see and the days flew by. It was idyllic! Last day there he turns to me and says, “I just have to say that I really did as you asked and I had a really great time and will remember all of this but I am so ready to get home!” I told him same and I said did you notice people driving around the city looked unhappy or maybe lost in thought would be better to say. I said that probably they were thinking of there bills or the packages to be delivered and what they had to do next or thinking of something that happened last night, yesterday, last year. Busy, busy, busy in there minds in paradise. I know being in the here and now really fills up your time so to speak. You get to drink in all the sights and sounds of the day. I can only tell you that we two had smiles plastered on our faces and were grateful for all that happened and the people we met and the food that we ate and that is because we were present!

Honolulu, HI