Been Around the World

Magen's Bay, St. Thoma'sMy life has been picking up speed and with my photography amping up with new business and now with my classes happening for intuition tuning, I couldn’t be happier. The other half, Ken and I are planning a long awaited trip to the east coast with a cruise which by the way I have never been on. My quandry is this. How many cards do I bring for my camera never mind about what to pack for clothes which is almost done. A few more weeks and we get on the long flight for adventures and see some beautiful spaces in the Bahamas and other islands.

The plan last year when I brought it up to Ken was to be in the now and drink in that moment so we can remember it for a very long time. I had brought it up to him about not discussing yesterday or the future, that we were on vacation in Honolulu. At the end he brought it up that he thought it had been a great idea but was looking forward to being home. I told him that one only had to look at people that lived there and they wore these worried or what I would call the thinking look. Thinking about the bills, shopping for food, thinking of there job or family or any life situation. And yet they lived in paradise. And really it was being in that state of now they were missing.

So looking forward to this adventure we call life be it here in Canada where the weathers changes on a dime or sunny, humid Florida. Life is pretty funny sometimes and I have to say that grace has touched me in various ways through my photography business, the friends I have met and know, the projects that have opened there doors to include me. If you just let it be and let it flow, well it does just that..it flows. Yes I am truly grateful for what I have inside me and understand it oh so much more as I progress. Looking forward to seeing, knowing more of this vast universe we call life.


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