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Been doing a lot and I mean a lot of upkeep on my old house. Last week I received a lily plant from one of my friends and had decided to plant that in the front yard. It went from that to painting the front facade of the house in 3 different colors. The week consisted of me running to and fro to the hardware store and also fitting in a photo shoot. It was pretty frenetic!

This morning after my workout I was on my way out the gym when I stumbled going up the stairs and almost did a full face plant and in all that I stubbed my big toe. OUCH!! All my big plans to finish painting the big frame on the window went on the wayside.

So this is my theory and here it goes. Universe as wise and infinite as she is decided it was time to slow down for this one and girl I hear and receive!! Been sitting back since this morning with foot propped up watching old movies and even grabbed a ice cream cone with the other half, Ken this afternoon. Oh and the toe, feeling so much better!!

Love, Musing Daily


St. Thomas, NassauDear Universe,

Hi, its me…Gail. I seemed to have left something precious on a far away beach somewhere south east of where I currently sit. I do believe it could be my sanity or maybe its my peace of mind. Yes, that’s it, my peace of mind. I know it sits and waits for me on the white sandy beach in Tortola and if it is at all possible I would love to go back and P.D.Q! I ask you please make it possible for me.

Signed, Pining for Good Times~

Dearest Gail,

Take a number!

Signed, The Universe
Somewhere in the Bahamas

Musing Daily

Seasons are a’ changing, like it or not

I had read this from a perspective of viewing it as our lives and how we look back and see what it was and never want to change but that there is good in change for many and that we grow.


On the night of the winter solstice, I joined a small group of people for a short walk in our local woods. These woods – which don’t cover vast acreage but occupy valuable property – have been much threatened over the years by the prospect of development. However, people in the community fought for a long time to keep them protected and left alone. They continue to be something of a lightning rod for local controversy, so it’s nice to just take a moment to enjoy them.

After sunset, our group headed into the woods down narrow paths. We stopped at one point and if they wanted to, people spoke or read nature-related passages. There was a man there I’d seen before, but did not personally know. I was struck by something he articulated about the seasonal changes, which I’ll paraphrase. He said when a new season begins, you resist…

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Musing Daily


I was struck by an image this morning as I drove through the city downtown area. High above my peripheral vision on a overpass by an old set of train tracks was an encampment for two. An native woman sitting in the morning sun was folding up blankets while her partner was doing something else. It was a brief moment I had taken this all in and the word “Nomad” came to mind. I cannot imagine what got those two or the many other street people in that situation but it seemed they were making the best of it from my vantage point.

As a child there were times we would load up our wagon, yup you got that right, our wagon and proceed to pilgrimage’s or just to visit but it would take many day’s to make our arrival. My kookum taught me what berry’s to pick and I remember her clearly crushing the choke cherry’s on a rock. I did not know at the time what she was doing but I now know it was for drying meat or so I have been told. We would bring our many blankets, our tent and other provision’s and “camp” out at the relatives. I so loved the camping out and wildly miss it now. I am so happy to have experienced something so simple as this and with two people I dearly loved, my grandmother and grandfather, kookum and moosum!

So I was thinking as I drove away from my morning vision and I thought of the hardiness of some people who can do what it takes, just to get by, to live and maintain. Do not think me naive in my meanderings but know only that I wish people well. It is what it is. I do truly hope that they find the best in there life and that it does get better. That is pretty much the prayer I said under my breathe as I made my way to my home.

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I cannot even imagine what my mother went through having a grandiose storytelling child because I was that girl. My storytelling came to be the lament’s that I made to mother and then accusing me of tattling even before a situation even happened. Perhaps I was getting ahead of myself at the time and just knowing how it was all going to play out. At home I was the one that got it faster than the adults and for that I was accused of sneaking around and the question, “How did she know that?”  We had two phones in our home and did always sneakily pick up to listen when there was something going on in the family. Of course I would get caught and Mom always figured that how I was getting my information. Well some of it was because of that. Some of it was just to be nosy.

Always writing long stories and passing them around to my friends just to get a laugh. My dream then was to be a writer. Reading was my passion and I always had a book in my hand albeit not a math or science one but the one’s about travelling all over the world. Book’s about faerie’s, angel’s, troll’s, animal’s, love, people from other countries and friendship. The library was my haven and I would walk the five blocks just to see and read as many as I could. Losing myself in that big world of imagination and wonder. It seemed as I was in a dream state and wanted to be like that all the time. My imagination or rather my intuition got me through my childhood.

In school I can remember sitting at my desk looking out the window and daydreaming and would have done this if they had a class for it. I am sure I would have been a A+ student. Math was always a hard one for me as we had to work out everything on the board and yet I knew the answer and couldn’t find the in between or details to write it on the chalk board. So instead of being encouraged for being right which I knew, the accusation of cheating would come up. I just didn’t know at the time how the answer came to be. It just was! I always felt I had to defend myself from questioning teachers, my mother, friends and later on my world. Like that little fish swimming upstream. It was so tiring.

And now I see that the gift of writing and imagination, reading and storytelling really had great meaning. Think about it. Perseverance is another one of mankind’s greatest strength. You keep at it and it pay’s off. I understand and see it all, my life in a different light. Storytelling has become a big part of my life as well. I am comfortable when I am at the forefront. Not to show off but to drive home a point or to bring humor. No longer do I seek people to shove my views down there throat. That serves no purpose. And my friends I have many, many stories about my past history to tell so that you may relate and possibly learn or laugh. Books

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The Path

I set my GPS to a better life. At first I didn’t know how to work this machine as it didn’t come with directions. So with this challenge I tried to figure it out myself. The roadblocks I encountered should have gave me a clue but I kept hammering away thinking it will crumble and I can continue on. That was not meant to be. The GPS finally called it a day and wouldn’t work at all. Receiver was wonky & the voice navigation came in another language, some ancient dialect I wondered. I am sure it kept saying, You got it all wrong! So I decided to ask the universe for help and in that moment I was recharged with strength to get through the muck and joy to laugh it all off after it all was done. It took years and then some to wash the residue of my old life off, as it did not serve me well. With new directions tuned into that old GPS I found signs that said Empowerment, Change, Courage, Strength, Joy & Yes you can do it too!

And the voice navigation system worked like no other as it gave me terrific directions in a kind & gentle voice sending me to people who could assist me in my journey, my quest. My machine sends me to places of wonderment, those tall peaks that surpass the clouds, to animals that roam the countryside, to the sea to drink in the sight & the smells. I think this tool serves me well now~

Out at Sea

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Funny you would say that….

Is it just me or are strangers drawn to you? I find being out there in the world people are more wont to spark up a conversation with me. Must it be my smile? My approachable demeanor? And when they do spark up the conversation I gain a lot of information from them. I suppose I am a great listener too. Also being in the right place at the right time as in this story.

This past September I was walking towards a bookstore and there was a lady walking beside me and we started talking. We both remarked on how beautiful the fall day was and the conversation went from there to many other topics. One particular thing though was that she was volunteering her services as a Reiki Healer at a hospital here in our city & would I know how to find an Indian Elder? Who better to ask than me? I told this kind lady that our local Native Friendship Centre would be able to help her in her endeavours. A gift of tobacco when she met the Elder is what I also imparted to her for his knowledge.

She was very thankful, shook my hand and went on her way. I love these random vignettes in my life. If I can be of help to another soul than so be it.