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Seasons are a’ changing, like it or not

I had read this from a perspective of viewing it as our lives and how we look back and see what it was and never want to change but that there is good in change for many and that we grow.


On the night of the winter solstice, I joined a small group of people for a short walk in our local woods. These woods – which don’t cover vast acreage but occupy valuable property – have been much threatened over the years by the prospect of development. However, people in the community fought for a long time to keep them protected and left alone. They continue to be something of a lightning rod for local controversy, so it’s nice to just take a moment to enjoy them.

After sunset, our group headed into the woods down narrow paths. We stopped at one point and if they wanted to, people spoke or read nature-related passages. There was a man there I’d seen before, but did not personally know. I was struck by something he articulated about the seasonal changes, which I’ll paraphrase. He said when a new season begins, you resist…

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