Musing Daily


I was struck by an image this morning as I drove through the city downtown area. High above my peripheral vision on a overpass by an old set of train tracks was an encampment for two. An native woman sitting in the morning sun was folding up blankets while her partner was doing something else. It was a brief moment I had taken this all in and the word “Nomad” came to mind. I cannot imagine what got those two or the many other street people in that situation but it seemed they were making the best of it from my vantage point.

As a child there were times we would load up our wagon, yup you got that right, our wagon and proceed to pilgrimage’s or just to visit but it would take many day’s to make our arrival. My kookum taught me what berry’s to pick and I remember her clearly crushing the choke cherry’s on a rock. I did not know at the time what she was doing but I now know it was for drying meat or so I have been told. We would bring our many blankets, our tent and other provision’s and “camp” out at the relatives. I so loved the camping out and wildly miss it now. I am so happy to have experienced something so simple as this and with two people I dearly loved, my grandmother and grandfather, kookum and moosum!

So I was thinking as I drove away from my morning vision and I thought of the hardiness of some people who can do what it takes, just to get by, to live and maintain. Do not think me naive in my meanderings but know only that I wish people well. It is what it is. I do truly hope that they find the best in there life and that it does get better. That is pretty much the prayer I said under my breathe as I made my way to my home.


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