I walk this path..

8268b87875b32240c1bf8e3969d451f0In 1986 I bought a home, the monies from my father’s estate after his passing. It has been 30 years of bringing up my family in this big house and I knew it was time to move on. The second week of January this year I was in Elk Island National Park taking time out for my photography and I said out loud, “I think it’s time to sell my home, please send me my signs.” I spotted some bison off in the far distance and looked through my camera’s viewfinder and laughed out loud when I seen that there were three, my signs. As I drove through the park I was to see three crows fly by. Again I took the time to thank Spirit for yet another sign. As I was driving home I was to spy three working men on the side of the road. I knew this was an all clear. Got home and phoned my realtor.
Yesterday was day 33 of what I was calling the big adventure and I awoke and had a heart to heart with Creator, asking for all my blessings, asking for patience and asking if the ladies that came last night to look at the house were the real deal. “Please send me a sign, I await patiently.” The whole day came and went with nary a sighting of something wonderful. Oh well!
I got home late last night after watching a movie and who should be parked in my space in front of my home but my realtor and this with good news. My home was SOLD! And for exactly what I wanted.
Sitting at the dining room table I said to her, “OMGosh, I have to tell you something!!” I had suddenly realized that it was this day that my father had passed. Feb 23, 1986. This was my sign! What a gift~”

I have to add that sometime in the first week after turning down an offer I received a message in the middle of the night. I had just woken up and was trying to get back for more snooze time when I clearly heard, “Sell the house.”
When I decided to go ahead I sat down within myself and stated that I would treat this as an adventure. Not once did I have any time to worry. I left that to my realtor. She said a few times that she has never met anyone like me where I was so carefree. I now await the next part of my life, stress free and to do what I was meant to do.
I tell my clients that intuition can serve you well if you are open to it. My life has changed exponentially and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Always telling people of signs and symbols that Spirit throws our way and to often we are busy in our lives and we miss it. My dad is my guide who shows me the number 3 and I see it often that now it is a given. I would rather go with the flow then fight it and try to control what I cannot control in this vast world of ours. Doing mediumship or rather talking to your loved one’s that have passed on has given me direction and purpose beyond my wildest dreams. To be able to channel someone that was so vibrant on this earth and to bring them in a session to prove that indeed they are here in pure energy is something else. It is beyond words.

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