Guardian Angel



It’s night time, not to late in the day but I find myself in a unfamiliar part of town. I have just got off the bus and ready to make the three block walk to my little sister’s new home. Ready to step off the curb I am startled by a man’s voice behind me as he walks down the middle of the residential street. I find this odd. Where did he come from, so fast? I take stock of him, quickly assessing his appearance, his demeanor, what does he want? In a gruff voice he asks where a certain street is as he is lost. I am almost ready to look away as I say I do not know when he quickly reaches out and grabs my arm. He is a tall blond heavy set man. It was in this moment as I glanced away that I heard, “Get away!” and this in my head. His grip is strong but I wrestle away knowing that if I do not then all is lost.

I am loose. I do not know how this happens as he tries to reach out again but to throw a fist. I yell, “NO!” I run! I run so fast and do not hear him follow. I turn and he is gone. My heart beats so fast and I want to vomit but I run to the safety of my sisters place. I do not say anything to her. My very being asks if that really happened? My arm hurts. It happened.

In my city there had been a run of women being raped. Some beaten so badly, some to disappear never to be seen again. There life style was also being questioned. Even though this happened over 30 years ago I remember that very moment as if it happened a few minutes ago. I was so in that moment. I also had a feeling that this man was the reason women were scared to walk out there doors, in there own neighborhood. At that time I didn’t have a clue but know that there was an angel looking out for me who spoke to me in that moment. I have so much gratitude, so much!


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