Intuition, Story Teller

My Affirmations

Coming into all of this consciousness awakening you find people are put on your path and all for good reason. When we emit, and that is a good word as any, when we emit this energy or vibe you are more apt to find things or people to help. I was visiting a friend a few weeks back and she turned to me and said, “You say lack, you must turn that thought around” I went home and looked up affirmations and found this. “I am grateful for the abundance in my life!” It is a daily thought I say out loud and again like brushing my teeth in the morning so I say. My manifesting, my words. And now when I look inside myself or around my house I find that my life is abundant with the love of my friends, love of self  and am pretty open person ready to help. I look forward to more new rewarding lessons that come my way.

Blessings All!


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