I stumbled upon this not to long ago when I was told by a friend that I had to change that thought in my head from lack to abundance. I came home and when to one of my favorite sites on intuition and found this.

  • I am a Divine gift of Spirit
  • I am worthy of peace
  • I am open, clean, clear and balanced
  • I surround myself with love & happiness always
  • Abundance is coming to me always, and is here now
  • I am blessed to learn every lesson given to me and I welcome them all.
  • Thank you Spirit for giving me the gift of life, I will not waste one moment.

This is my manifestation.This I say to myself every morning. I found looking inside myself that I truly have an abundant life, that I have the love of friends that surround me, love of self, love of discovery and learning. So much to know in this life time but I’m ready to take it on.

Blessings All


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