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I Feel A Change Coming On~

These past few months with re-grouping, reconnecting, recharging, I am actually settled in my life. I haven’t been out as much with my photo shoots with bands but will get to it in the future. There is the odd photo shoot during the day time to be on my creative bent and to fulfill a client’s request. There is so much to do with Mediumship readings and I do so love this side of my purpose. If someone would have asked me 10 years ago that I would be doing this I would have laughed and said, “Not me”. Taking classes with Carmel Joy Baird, St. Brigids, mentors Nottie, Brenda my Aunt, I have come a long way in my intuitive development. Reading those many, many books doesn’t hold a candle to giving messages to people from there loved one’s that have passed. Also having the belief in Source, Spirit, God that through this I could do what I do.
As a little girl I was to “see” and “hear” what other’s couldn’t but I thought that everyone did. I was considered a person who day dreamt all day long and told stories. I am sure I drove my mother crazy with the information I was to tell and make her wonder how I knew what I knew. In school, at math problems I knew the answer I just couldn’t show how I got to it. That was pretty vexing with the teachers. I was considered a cheat. In later years I was to push it away because I didn’t understand it and it scared me. But it’s not. And I do. Those many years I questioned myself and thought I was crazy, was me picking up feelings, hearing, seeing all that was around me in the crowds. The anxiety of all that made me cocoon which probably didn’t help at all in hindsight.
Now to have all this to become much more clearer for me and to have people come my way to teach me in my gift has helped exponentially. All the experiences in my life has brought me to this and I look forward to what comes next. This year has surely been defining with the big move and living here in this quiet comfy place and sure settled my soul. Being on my own after many years in relationships has also gave me the strength and courage and given me the confidence to face life head on with zeal. This year has not even ended but I am in wonder what the next moment, hours, days, weeks, months will bring for someone who is so excited to accept it.

Guardian Angel



It’s night time, not to late in the day but I find myself in a unfamiliar part of town. I have just got off the bus and ready to make the three block walk to my little sister’s new home. Ready to step off the curb I am startled by a man’s voice behind me as he walks down the middle of the residential street. I find this odd. Where did he come from, so fast? I take stock of him, quickly assessing his appearance, his demeanor, what does he want? In a gruff voice he asks where a certain street is as he is lost. I am almost ready to look away as I say I do not know when he quickly reaches out and grabs my arm. He is a tall blond heavy set man. It was in this moment as I glanced away that I heard, “Get away!” and this in my head. His grip is strong but I wrestle away knowing that if I do not then all is lost.

I am loose. I do not know how this happens as he tries to reach out again but to throw a fist. I yell, “NO!” I run! I run so fast and do not hear him follow. I turn and he is gone. My heart beats so fast and I want to vomit but I run to the safety of my sisters place. I do not say anything to her. My very being asks if that really happened? My arm hurts. It happened.

In my city there had been a run of women being raped. Some beaten so badly, some to disappear never to be seen again. There life style was also being questioned. Even though this happened over 30 years ago I remember that very moment as if it happened a few minutes ago. I was so in that moment. I also had a feeling that this man was the reason women were scared to walk out there doors, in there own neighborhood. At that time I didn’t have a clue but know that there was an angel looking out for me who spoke to me in that moment. I have so much gratitude, so much!

Story Teller

A picking Sage we go!

Reserve graves
Reserve graves

This past summer I visited the cousins, Donna and Sandra east of the city. Ladies my age that are really in the know about anything you would want to know about:

  • Sweat Lodges
  • Traditional Healing
  • Elder Teachings
  • Medicine Walk- identifying herbs in the community and what they are used for.

Always good to have someone like that in your corner but I digress. I was driving in there corner of the country taking pictures and then spending time with one or the other. I had been wanting to attend a Sweat but it just wasn’t coming my way in the city. All I did was mention it and VOILA! I was in a Sweat by noon that day with an elder and some summer students from the reserve. After gaining more clarity for the soul I went on the hunt for sage which was on this high hill.

It was a very hot day and I popped my cowboy hat and boots and proceeded to climb with a big bag and first make a tobacco offering to thank Mother Earth for her gifts. I was told not to pull out the sage roots but to break stem off gently. What a sweet perfume!  As I sat on the hill after picking my share I looked up and seen 2 hawks circling above us. How peaceful and spiritual it was.

We were not finished for that day because I was to learn how to pick sweet grass as well. It was the same with an offering and a prayer to Mother Earth and then told how to pick the grass. There was so much and it was beautiful where we were picking near some ceremonial lodges.

I can hardly wait for the summer to come again and make my journey east of our city and do the visit which I dearly need.

Blessings All~



Walking in the kitchen this morning the time 5:55 glowed from the kitchen stove. I had also noticed that time last night. So I popped into Doreen Virtue’s site and looked it up and whoa baby it looks like I am due!!

 555Buckle your seat belts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positiveor “negativesince all change is a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself at peace.

This is a great way to start my day or anyone’s for that matter. Change is good. It is time for renewal and I welcome a change. In the past reading this would have made me fearful because no one likes the negative but loves the positive but now I accept whatever may come because it will happen and all for the greater good.

So when you see numbers that POP out at you check your numbers out. This is my go to site  ©Doreen Virtue.

Blessings All