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Fall Is Around The Corner!


How does one begin this paragraph with perhaps, what I did on my summer vacation? For the past year I have been the student of a psychic development class. A class that I found quite by accident or was it? I am the great believer that teachers, mentors of life are put in our path, that situations are made to pique our interest and the day I got into my head looking for a spiritualist church which I did. St Brigid’s fit the ticket for this gal. I felt perfectly at home the first Sunday at there service’s with talk of consciousness, there mission, to introduce the philosophy and science of Spirituality. Add to this, the psychic development class and I was so in!

It has been a whirlwind of extraordinary delights to be with like-minded people such as I and have revelled every week with the different exercises to be done. An untethered woman such as I with no structure of great knowledge of how to use my gifts further has truly opened my eyes to a new world. I may become impatient and want it all now but know that it takes time to learn every step to raising one’s vibration, the belief in spirit, grounding, affirmations, the intent of goodness in my heart to help with messages. And so it is with the summer almost over and with me looking forward to the fall classes, it cannot happen soon enough. True I have been doing this on my own this summer without my classmates if you will, reading books to keep up, reading my tarot cards for myself and others but I know truly that it is spirit that comes through for me, that it has always been in me.

Love, Musing Daily


St. Thomas, NassauDear Universe,

Hi, its me…Gail. I seemed to have left something precious on a far away beach somewhere south east of where I currently sit. I do believe it could be my sanity or maybe its my peace of mind. Yes, that’s it, my peace of mind. I know it sits and waits for me on the white sandy beach in Tortola and if it is at all possible I would love to go back and P.D.Q! I ask you please make it possible for me.

Signed, Pining for Good Times~

Dearest Gail,

Take a number!

Signed, The Universe
Somewhere in the Bahamas

Author, Musing Daily


I cannot even imagine what my mother went through having a grandiose storytelling child because I was that girl. My storytelling came to be the lament’s that I made to mother and then accusing me of tattling even before a situation even happened. Perhaps I was getting ahead of myself at the time and just knowing how it was all going to play out. At home I was the one that got it faster than the adults and for that I was accused of sneaking around and the question, “How did she know that?”  We had two phones in our home and did always sneakily pick up to listen when there was something going on in the family. Of course I would get caught and Mom always figured that how I was getting my information. Well some of it was because of that. Some of it was just to be nosy.

Always writing long stories and passing them around to my friends just to get a laugh. My dream then was to be a writer. Reading was my passion and I always had a book in my hand albeit not a math or science one but the one’s about travelling all over the world. Book’s about faerie’s, angel’s, troll’s, animal’s, love, people from other countries and friendship. The library was my haven and I would walk the five blocks just to see and read as many as I could. Losing myself in that big world of imagination and wonder. It seemed as I was in a dream state and wanted to be like that all the time. My imagination or rather my intuition got me through my childhood.

In school I can remember sitting at my desk looking out the window and daydreaming and would have done this if they had a class for it. I am sure I would have been a A+ student. Math was always a hard one for me as we had to work out everything on the board and yet I knew the answer and couldn’t find the in between or details to write it on the chalk board. So instead of being encouraged for being right which I knew, the accusation of cheating would come up. I just didn’t know at the time how the answer came to be. It just was! I always felt I had to defend myself from questioning teachers, my mother, friends and later on my world. Like that little fish swimming upstream. It was so tiring.

And now I see that the gift of writing and imagination, reading and storytelling really had great meaning. Think about it. Perseverance is another one of mankind’s greatest strength. You keep at it and it pay’s off. I understand and see it all, my life in a different light. Storytelling has become a big part of my life as well. I am comfortable when I am at the forefront. Not to show off but to drive home a point or to bring humor. No longer do I seek people to shove my views down there throat. That serves no purpose. And my friends I have many, many stories about my past history to tell so that you may relate and possibly learn or laugh. Books

Story Teller


“I had a dream of your father. I was with my other half Ken in this big house & we were walking through the rooms. We were getting ready to leave for a trip. Your dad made quite an entrance riding a bike, a very unusual bike which was low to the ground. Beyond his handle bars and in front of him was a black pin ball machine with a long front end from that. He was very happy indeed and not wearing that eye patch that was always a part of him as we know. Looked very young and wearing jeans and a white top if I remember correctly”

And so this particular and memorable dream came a few days before Mark’s birthday. Sadly he had passed on a few years ago. He was a good friend to me when I met him. 25 years ago we hung out in this place that had a black pin ball machine and I had that machine rigged where only I could have free games on it. Mark had lost his his right eye when he was younger and he wore either a black patch or the artificial eye. And besides being the one to find his eye every once in a while we always had a great time laughing. And so I passed this message on to his daughter Cassie that very morning and she stated that she to also had a dream about him. Cassie told me that she rarely dreamt of him and that she missed him terribly and thanked me for sharing.

And  also another thing about his eye. He lived in my basement suite for a time and when he left he again asked me to keep an eye out for his lost orb. I found it when I was cleaning up and I got on the phone with him. He told me to keep it as he was having an operation and would get back to me. He never did. He took his own life not to long after. My intent then was to give it to Cassie on her 18th birthday which I did. She was overcome.

It’s all about healing~

Story Teller

Dreams can come true.

I wrote the following on the morning of July 20/05. I had also added that it was a full moon and I had noticed that I was more likely to have a visitation and recording it for future use…

So this morning I was having quite a time waking up because I had this really good dream. My father had passed away on February 23, 1986, and I was really missing him. The dream I was having was about dad & he was trying to give me something. It was big & bulky, red with straps. I looked at it & exclaimed to whoever was with me that he had given me an accordion. I was so happy. However I knew that I had to go (wake up) & I was so sad. 

Now it’s about 1 hour later & I’m listening to CBC Radio on my way to work & the host is talking about an music festival he had gone to & that he had never heard that many accordions play so beautifully. I had been in a crappy mood, kind of sad & when I heard that I started to laugh. My father made my day!

So I know spiritually that he is with me day & night and I have had many other visits from him. I mean sure it would be nice to have him here by my side but this is what I have and I will take it any day! It gives me solace knowing I do not walk alone.52124c84bcd10db10d346090eb329c40

Story Teller


Early this morning before waking I had a “visit” from my departed kitty Little Evel Knievel, short name Little Evel. In my dream he was walking with me in my adventures, an endeavour to be somewhere important, a mission. I picked him up and put him in my sweater to keep him safe and near me. End dream.

I certainly wish that every night I would be blessed to have these visits but the randomness is what I do love, the surprise. Little kitty passed in June ’08 and I have had a few dreams of him since then. That morning I knew something was a tad off and I asked my then husband if he had seen him. He told me he let him out very early. I walked around the neighborhood calling his name but no such luck. I still had that gnawing feeling, something in the pit of my stomach. Around supper time I received a call from our local pet control service who pick up stray pets and she said that they had identified him by his chip. I asked if I could come see him and she told me that was not advisable that he had been run over by a cement truck. Oh my pretty baby!

Intuitively I knew that he had passed that morning. I had felt that. But he lived a good 14 years with us. He comes to visit now and then and I love our visits and the missions we go on. My buddy~Little EvBlessings All