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33 Days

One room is empty as I start the process of packing and leaving this old gal, this old home built in 1955. The number of boxes, too many to count line the dining room wall. I have given away a lot of stuff to the second hand stores and know that there will more trips there. I feel lighter.

It was bought in 1986 to house my child and my boyfriend at the time, Colin. He was the push to find somewhere to live and settle down. The premise was to eventually marry but this was not to be. There were many problems and his drug addiction was one of them. The emotional abuse was to follow and I was his to do with whatever when he came home after days away. I was to stand up to him one day when I had had it and told him to give it to me with all that he had. He laughed and walked away. In that defining moment I was to find my strength. Thank you Colin for showing me that I could do this on my own.

And yes I made the payment of the mortgage on my own. To find a job as a bank teller and to learn more about investment side of life. Also to rent out the basement suite to bring in more monies.

The tenants that have lived in the basement suite and to move on and purchase there own homes were many. There were some memorable characters such as the woman who brought a dog in the suite. I have always stated a no smoking, no pets rule you see.There were many stable people that lived with me, hard working people and people that needed a helping hand. My last three tenants were finally the initiative to find a better way of life. The first, last summer was to party at all hours of the night. The second was to bring a cat in and smoke incessantly. The third loved his loud music and told me that he was deaf and this is why it was loud.

They all three did this gal a favor. It was time to let go. To let go of the upkeep of this old gal. I see the beauty of her. The rounded corners on the doorways. The big windows. The beautiful doors. the huge yard and garage. My most awesome neighbors. But I am so ready to find out what is out there in another community, in another albeit smaller home. But I started with this in mind. The adventure. This is what it is all about for me. Another month of being in the now to savor my time alone and to always remember what this stability got me.


I walk this path..

8268b87875b32240c1bf8e3969d451f0In 1986 I bought a home, the monies from my father’s estate after his passing. It has been 30 years of bringing up my family in this big house and I knew it was time to move on. The second week of January this year I was in Elk Island National Park taking time out for my photography and I said out loud, “I think it’s time to sell my home, please send me my signs.” I spotted some bison off in the far distance and looked through my camera’s viewfinder and laughed out loud when I seen that there were three, my signs. As I drove through the park I was to see three crows fly by. Again I took the time to thank Spirit for yet another sign. As I was driving home I was to spy three working men on the side of the road. I knew this was an all clear. Got home and phoned my realtor.
Yesterday was day 33 of what I was calling the big adventure and I awoke and had a heart to heart with Creator, asking for all my blessings, asking for patience and asking if the ladies that came last night to look at the house were the real deal. “Please send me a sign, I await patiently.” The whole day came and went with nary a sighting of something wonderful. Oh well!
I got home late last night after watching a movie and who should be parked in my space in front of my home but my realtor and this with good news. My home was SOLD! And for exactly what I wanted.
Sitting at the dining room table I said to her, “OMGosh, I have to tell you something!!” I had suddenly realized that it was this day that my father had passed. Feb 23, 1986. This was my sign! What a gift~”

I have to add that sometime in the first week after turning down an offer I received a message in the middle of the night. I had just woken up and was trying to get back for more snooze time when I clearly heard, “Sell the house.”
When I decided to go ahead I sat down within myself and stated that I would treat this as an adventure. Not once did I have any time to worry. I left that to my realtor. She said a few times that she has never met anyone like me where I was so carefree. I now await the next part of my life, stress free and to do what I was meant to do.
I tell my clients that intuition can serve you well if you are open to it. My life has changed exponentially and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Always telling people of signs and symbols that Spirit throws our way and to often we are busy in our lives and we miss it. My dad is my guide who shows me the number 3 and I see it often that now it is a given. I would rather go with the flow then fight it and try to control what I cannot control in this vast world of ours. Doing mediumship or rather talking to your loved one’s that have passed on has given me direction and purpose beyond my wildest dreams. To be able to channel someone that was so vibrant on this earth and to bring them in a session to prove that indeed they are here in pure energy is something else. It is beyond words.
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Sometimes I wonder

My days start early with yoga and then meditation and then off to do what ever needs to get done in my life. Taking care of myself first thing in the morning was never on my list of things to do before. Self love is everything. Not buying clothes, a car, jewelry, this is not self love. I know this now. I know this to be true for me. Sitting in silence and enjoying this peace that premeates  my very being has been very good for my soul. When I started my self development who knew that I would be here a few years later in wonderment. Driving down the road the other day I realized that the monkey chatter was gone and in that, not a darn thing was happening in my noodle. Not a thought, nothing..nada!

And since I incorporated the yoga in my morning rituals I find my sleep has been very sound. There has been emotional healing in all this and learning more about my past and how to rectify my beliefs. My past experiences have made who I am but they also serve me well for now and most probably the future. I no longer look at the past as if it just happened, because it didn’t. But trauma has a way of burying itself deep in oneself and to appear at inopportune moments is not my cup of tea any longer. Self Realization 101 is on my schedule and I have those aha moments and revel in them. To totally understand and then move on. This is life, my life and I am starting to get it. Add to all this and the intuition comes in more stronger, the synchronicities more often as I recognize them. The messages in my dreams more meaningful.  The silence works hand in hand with intuition as the messages come in softly and if not paying attention one can miss it. I now look forward to my days and when I lay my head down to sleep look forward to the morning and what it will bring.

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It was the night before the night before Christmas…

The night before the night before Christmas actually I toddled off to my cozy warm bed. All the preparations for the upcoming big event had been made and now to sit back and wait for all to unfold. I had been having a dry spell on my blog, yes this one right here and so I sent a prayer out to Creator asking for some insight, some creative spark to send out to my followers.

That very night I had a mass of colorful scapes happen, this and that, so many events that were happening. The word Believe kept popping up. In the sky, on cars anywhere that it had caught my attention. A lucid dream that I replied inside, “Yes, I see you, I see you!”

I woke, giggling and thanking Universe for this and then quickly realized that this word was not for my blog but for me and now did work its way here anyway. To share my experience.

Yes, I do believe! Yes I do see the auras that suddenly pop out of nowhere and leave me speechless and unwavering. The little glimmers of light that accompany these beautiful colors on people, on snow even.

Yes, I do believe in this new journey of my most magnificent life. Looking forward to what comes around the corner for sure, this student of the world. Now back to the books. More studying to do, more bueno stuff to learn.IMGP4162

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Two Bus Tickets Please!

I was bitten by the travel bug as a young child getting dressed up to sit on a Greyhound and endure a 3 or 4 hour ride to the big city. If it was a milk run then it was all night. I can still smell the diesel of the old bus and the late night stops in some sleepy town with a quick run, my mother and I to the washroom and the store to get some promised pop and chips. The crying child, not me for I was a good little girl, and hearing a slap and a threat to be good. Yes that memory still stands in my mind. I looked at the mother of this now quiet child as they got off the bus and thought how scary she was to me.

It was to be with these trips to the city that we would be meeting up with my father who was coming back from some place on this earth serving the army. If we were lucky we would get into his vehicle and travel to the mountains and stop on the way perhaps a campground and dad would pull out the old Coleman cook stove and start grilling hot dogs. Yum, I still smell that too! And if we were not travelling for pleasure then it was travelling to move to another home or to travel for his work. Having been the lucky one to remember all the sights and scenery with all the places in Canada that I have seen.

In my early twenties I was to hitch hike across our beautiful provinces with a friend and it is something that I would not highly recommend now. I was quite lucky to be intuitive and to know what was good and what was not. To know where to go to get a ride with the truckers and how to speak respectfully so I could get that back. Creator must have been looking down on me for it was on this trip four provinces away that we were stuck in between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury at 4 am no less. The friend and I were arguing as to what I cannot remember and she started to walk up the road a little miffed with my carefree attitude and no sooner when she was just shouting distance than a limousine pulled up. The window in the back went down and lo and behold it was a priest. “Would you like a ride my child” he inquired. We pulled up to my friend and now she was fuming but of course got in with out a word. I woke to the smell of the sulpher in Sudbury on a hot morning with my head resting on the priest and had dribbled on his coat in my sleep. He had told me that this was as far as we could go and so we walked into the city.

My life was to take on bigger dimensions by me meeting my future but now ex-husband who would then travel by motorcycle to cities a few days away. Those days were so carefree as I seen so much from the back of that bike and smelled the clean air and took so many photos. More often than not we were to travel with other riders so it made for a idyllic time. This married time with him was getting on planes to see my all time favorite city, New York and to follow the eastern coast. On the spur of the moment we loaded the trailer and tripped down the west coast all the way to Los Angeles. So many people I have met, so many conversations, so many experiences, so many places that I have dined.

My life now reflects what I do with having my quiet time, to meditate through my photography , to travel down dirt roads to find that perfect picture. I may get lost but find my way always when I just park and sit for a few and then proceed. I always find great gems too so its never a bad diversion but a lucky happenstance.

Having met a man who is now a big part of the picture has taken us to many places in my beautiful province of Alberta and also B.C. but also abroad and to the south eastern coast. Simply put he is my other half who shares the same wunderlust as me. Being a middle aged woman I often wonder where my life will lead but I do know it will always involve travel and adventure because you have to have a great story to go along with it. Next time when I wake in the morning I will take a bottle out and spin it and see what direction it will take me. Me thinks that is good advice to (1 of 1)w



Has it been 34 years since you passed away? The impact that you made in this part of the world was phenomenal. Your dream to run across Canada to raise awareness and money to fight cancer started the day you dipped your foot in the Atlantic Ocean April 12, 1980. You called it the Marathon of Hope and it surely was for everyone affected with this insidious disease. Running 5,373 km for 143 days, your goal was to raise $1 for each Canadian and did indeed make it to $23 million for cancer research. Today, all funds raised through your yearly Marathon of Hope worldwide has raised $650 million. No small peanuts. The survival rates have increased with the cure rate at 80 per cent for younger patients and 70 per cent for older people.

So are you my hero? Yes you surely are my friend. What you did took perseverance, a lot of stamina and loads of willpower to keep going each and every day of your run.

Terry Fox Plaze, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Terry Fox Plaza, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Terry Fox July 28, 1958- June 28, 1981