Has it been 34 years since you passed away? The impact that you made in this part of the world was phenomenal. Your dream to run across Canada to raise awareness and money to fight cancer started the day you dipped your foot in the Atlantic Ocean April 12, 1980. You called it the Marathon of Hope and it surely was for everyone affected with this insidious disease. Running 5,373 km for 143 days, your goal was to raise $1 for each Canadian and did indeed make it to $23 million for cancer research. Today, all funds raised through your yearly Marathon of Hope worldwide has raised $650 million. No small peanuts. The survival rates have increased with the cure rate at 80 per cent for younger patients and 70 per cent for older people.

So are you my hero? Yes you surely are my friend. What you did took perseverance, a lot of stamina and loads of willpower to keep going each and every day of your run.

Terry Fox Plaze, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Terry Fox Plaza, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Terry Fox July 28, 1958- June 28, 1981


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