Tell Me Why

Last night was the our last psychic development class till September as we all enjoy the days of summer. We all have this intuitive gift in ourselves and me wanting to know and learn more about it found myself here last September. The class was intimate with about 20 ladies attending and then growing over the winter months. I have made friendships with many and for the first time feel like my true authentic self. It is a place where I can honestly trust this space and say what I want to say.

I give thanks on a daily basis to Creator for this beautiful gift and that is what its about. Praying, trusting and believing. There were many “AHA” moments and the memories were also coming back when I was a child and realizing the stuff I had pushed down from fear and not knowing. Now I know that I was not seeing things and always being in that state of being terrified and not being believed at what I was seeing and knowing. My thought is that going through life and having the family I did gave me that experience to understand where other people come from and to have empathy.

Recently in my home one evening, the other half, Ken and I were watching the tv. We were turning in for the night and coming back from the kitchen I spied a white and grey swirl by my feet. I said, “Wha” out loud and then retraced my footsteps but not seeing anything muttered “It’s okay” and then realized I had an audience and that Ken was watching all this. I quickly got into bed and picked up my laptop. Minutes ticked by and then he said, “Tell me why you are doing this?”  My answer was, “I want to help people, I want to heal them.”

Little KittyOh and that grey and white swirl was my long passed kitty, Little Evel Knievel who was doing a crazy eight at my feet. I will never doubt again.


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