Higher Self


Yesterday I was having a day like we all do from time to time. Taking time out for myself I decided a meditation was in order. When I got in as I like to say I was to hear very softly, “You are enough.”
From articles I have read was that one can tell the difference when spirit talks to as opposed to ego. Spirit says, “you” and ego says, “I”
This being said I believe and have faith to my inner voice and I was curious to what this meant, “You are enough”
“At the core, we are all equal. Nobody is more worthy than somebody else. This is the truth.”
Today is another day and my mind a tad more open to the fact that, yes I am worthy of what the universe may hand me and to go on undefeated. There is truly an understanding in these three words and how they made an impact. The fact that spirit got my attention which I thought was groovey cool peachy keen.
Adios amigos and amigas and until another day, take care of you.

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