Story Teller

Creative Intuition

This was the name of the class to which I attended this morning. Intuition through making objects through clay interacting with the other students and then after painting our clay art. Using creativity to express our intuitive voice. I found it very calming just molding the clay and this for the very first time..ever!

Had a session with another person so they could “read” our object. I molded waves and my reading was bang on from Susan (not her real name)  One of her “readings” had seen me on a mountain in a foreign country, possibly Cuba taking pictures of temples or somewhere else. I myself want to travel the world and my desire is to go to Thailand and take pics of the temples there. That was pretty cool.

Our Instructor told us to keep working at the rituals, the meditations everyday and not just every other day, keep working at it like you are working your muscles. I so enjoyed my day and what I learned from that.

Blessings All~


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