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Checking In

It’s been crazy peaceful from where I sit. A new way of looking through my eyes, through my consciousness. Trying to go back in time to do the same old things I was going before and it ain’t all! Good for me to think of others activities to occupy my mind. Reading many books that are opening my mind more and more. Picked up “Untethered Soul” the journey beyond yourself by Michael A.Singer a few weeks ago and I have to say that for once really paying attention to this jewel of a book. Working with inner self.

The move from the old house into the new went off without a hitch and everything has gone swimmingly. I have started to do more readings and found my calling in mediumship but will delve into the intuition side or vibe coaching as I call it. I am a medium! I How I love saying that. It sounded strange the first time I told a person what it is I do for a living. Talking to your past loved ones. The intuitive side is your day to day vibrations about you.

So there you have it all in a nice little bundle. After all the past couple of years to fully develop my brain to see what I have been doing all this time but to totally understand it. It’s like someone flipped the switch on and said, “VOILA!”

The readings are joyful but sad at the same time. The person that has passed shows me visions or symbols. Feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting it all in the time I channel this vibrant being that once was, is all learning and fascinating for me. To be invited to see all this is a honor and this I tell to the client. I have had humorous, loud, timid people thus far come through. They show me puzzles, tupperware; (she loved takeout), fishing, and sometimes they way they passed. I acknowledge all this and move on in the reading.

So my mantra, “I want to help heal, I want to heal with healing messages” have come to fruition. We are made of energy and manifest what we think. My mind had focused on this for many, many years and so happy I am where I am. There is much more that has been happening but drinking it in for now.


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Do you read me?


Last week I was to do a reading for a lady whose one that had passed away come through for her. The hour long session surely showed me that there is a healing aspect to all this. Tearful but happy to have answers she hugged me deeply before she left. I have always been wanting, searching and now have found my purpose. If there is anything I can do to be of help then surely this is it.

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Wake Up!!

Psychic development classes and now mediumship starting next week and I look forward to what may come. I have been slowly progressing in this time past with my intuition growing ever so strong with dreams tinged with messages meant to grab my attention. Such was the one Christmas week with rainbows dotting the brilliant blue sky, cartoon like but oh so many. Looking it up as soon as I awoke was the definition stating that promises were being kept or in another that wishes coming true. Days later and on Christmas morning believe plastered all over my dream. Yes, yes I see you I kept saying in my dream. I pay close attention these days and I feel higher self knows this. (Well of course he would.)

That very morning standing outside on a day where the snow fell down, big fluffy flakes and out of the side of my eye an aura like light green. I then stared right at where I had seen the light green snow and of course it had disappeared, or did it? Again I unfocused my eyes and it appeared. Delighted I marveled at this beautiful gift. I then remembered the message from my dream..believe. Oh I truly do I stated out loud but not so loud to alarm passersby.

It is my opinion that I am being tweaked and that all that I notice or am made more aware of is to be savored and then to move onto to another delight of Creators realm. 2016 proves to be a memorable year as I am so sure of this. The days cannot fill all that I want to make happen in my life and I love the purposeful days with not enough hours. I now get it when I have been told by my elder Aunt that I always had the gift. I now know the mechanisms of this unique and wonderful world, the subtle sightings of glimmers when I stare unknowingly of someone’s aura. Yes, I do believe!

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Dialing In

I was thinking of good old dad this morning and the following is a must share. Growing up with my dad in the army where he was gone for long periods of time and rarely able to stay long with us gave me a sense of loneliness and insecurity. Doing his duty for his country took a huge toll on my family life and my mother was granted a divorce when I was five. He ended his tour of duty not to long after, moved a five hour drive and as the dollar was tight for mom I was not to see him as much as I could. This was to be until he passed away in 1986.

A few weeks ago I was hosting a medium/psychic party in my home where I booked 8 of my friends who had 20 minutes each with the readers. And because I was hosting this I was given a free reading from Melissa and Brenda. When it was time to see Brenda who did the mediumship she turned to me and said, “Your father is with you and wishes to say how very sorry he is.”  There were more affirmations that I would only know so I was a tad curious and let her go on without interrupting.

Now all the time I was growing up I never had any harsh thoughts against my father and so I was stymied at her statement but only until she added, “He is sorry for not being there for you.”  And then the dam broke and I was all tears. In all this it occurred to me how my life would have been so much better for his guidance, for him being a dad to me, to show me that he loved me. I felt so separated from him physically but so emotionally. That truly affected me growing up and my self confidence was something that I was always seeking. I had successfully pushed down those feelings and didn’t know they existed until that defining moment of my reading.

This is what they call a healing message which I have heard stories from my mentor’s and so happy to have been on the receiving end of one. And so it is with this story that I imparted to you all and the very reason why I want to develop my abilities to also give healing messages, to help heal people. Ego has no place in this world of light and love where it is all about the reader. This is all about what spirit gives to the person being read and so it is all about them. To be further from the hurt we carry, a burden on our backs if you will and to lighten the load or to conquer it and to move on and be at peacedad.