Books, books and more…Books!

I was driving on my way to my morning workout listening to my audiotape of Sonia Choquette, a woman of wisdom. I hear her stories and suddenly will be hit with AHA moments and I truly love that! I was musing on how many books that I have on the go and will share with you what is sitting here on my bed. Having a library card has it’s benefits for sure so here it goes..

  • “Walking Home” by Sonia Choquette; an inspiring story about her “Camino de Santiago”, her daily happenings that go with that.I am half finished it and will probably be done by Christmas as it a good, no make that a great read!
  •  “Tune In” by Sonia Choquette, a New York best seller it say’s on the cover, about letting your intuition flow.I get it when she mentions the “Ebb & Flow of Life.” We flow in our daily lives loving no distractions, no bumps in the road and the ebb is the change as it surely does come along. So when the ebb does come we surrender and let it go and let it…flow! Here is where I would say, “Resistance is futile” but I digress.
  • “What If…” by Shirley Maclaine. The meanderings & thought processes of a gifted “Light” whose journey has taken her to the most awesome places and met the most awesome people on this planet An excerpt from her book; “What if we understood & harnessed the greatest creative forces of life? Our souls.” I love that!
  • “Trust Your Vibes” by Sonia Choquette.” Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living. A audio book I have on the go in my vehicle as I go about my daily wanderings. Yet another gem from the lady herself and I love the lessons I take from this. The intuition kidding!

So there is but a few of the treasures I have at my reach and now to get back to the book at hand…Helloooo Sonia!

Story Teller

Teepee shopping we will go…

My friend Terry phoned me the other day and asked a favor and that was to scout around for a teepee. She has been wanting to having a retreat on her land complete with a sweat lodge as well and thought of me, like who better to ask. She is all into the ceremony which instantly drew me into this great idea. Wanting to help I quickly said yes and got on the phone to my cousin Donna who is in the “know” and asked her where I could find one. I was then directed to a place who makes teepees a hop skip and a jump south east of my city. After googling the place, finding the phone number and going through a series of  phone transfers I was finally talking to the director in charge of the item needed.

There were 3 sizes that I had a choice of which was 16 foot, 18 foot and 20 foot. Some untreated and some not. It was better to have it treated from mold and water. Add to that the poles and the pin and pegs and everything was set. I also got a tutorial about the canvas as well.

Another phone call was made to my Elder Aunt and asked her what tribe was on Terry’s land long ago and the reply was, “The Cree, our ancestors”  Sometime in the spring the teepee will be set up and a Cree ceremony will be held making it sacred. I am so happy to have been a part in this and to learn more of the way of my people.

I mean it’s not everyday that someone randomly phones another person about a teepee. Who does this? But I never question it. I look at my life as an adventure and wait for the next unique thing to come along my way. It’s never boring, my life!

Story Teller

A picking Sage we go!

Reserve graves
Reserve graves

This past summer I visited the cousins, Donna and Sandra east of the city. Ladies my age that are really in the know about anything you would want to know about:

  • Sweat Lodges
  • Traditional Healing
  • Elder Teachings
  • Medicine Walk- identifying herbs in the community and what they are used for.

Always good to have someone like that in your corner but I digress. I was driving in there corner of the country taking pictures and then spending time with one or the other. I had been wanting to attend a Sweat but it just wasn’t coming my way in the city. All I did was mention it and VOILA! I was in a Sweat by noon that day with an elder and some summer students from the reserve. After gaining more clarity for the soul I went on the hunt for sage which was on this high hill.

It was a very hot day and I popped my cowboy hat and boots and proceeded to climb with a big bag and first make a tobacco offering to thank Mother Earth for her gifts. I was told not to pull out the sage roots but to break stem off gently. What a sweet perfume!  As I sat on the hill after picking my share I looked up and seen 2 hawks circling above us. How peaceful and spiritual it was.

We were not finished for that day because I was to learn how to pick sweet grass as well. It was the same with an offering and a prayer to Mother Earth and then told how to pick the grass. There was so much and it was beautiful where we were picking near some ceremonial lodges.

I can hardly wait for the summer to come again and make my journey east of our city and do the visit which I dearly need.

Blessings All~

Story Teller


Early this morning before waking I had a “visit” from my departed kitty Little Evel Knievel, short name Little Evel. In my dream he was walking with me in my adventures, an endeavour to be somewhere important, a mission. I picked him up and put him in my sweater to keep him safe and near me. End dream.

I certainly wish that every night I would be blessed to have these visits but the randomness is what I do love, the surprise. Little kitty passed in June ’08 and I have had a few dreams of him since then. That morning I knew something was a tad off and I asked my then husband if he had seen him. He told me he let him out very early. I walked around the neighborhood calling his name but no such luck. I still had that gnawing feeling, something in the pit of my stomach. Around supper time I received a call from our local pet control service who pick up stray pets and she said that they had identified him by his chip. I asked if I could come see him and she told me that was not advisable that he had been run over by a cement truck. Oh my pretty baby!

Intuitively I knew that he had passed that morning. I had felt that. But he lived a good 14 years with us. He comes to visit now and then and I love our visits and the missions we go on. My buddy~Little EvBlessings All

Story Teller


Last night I was on my way in the driving rain to my friends place. It was home time work day traffic galore and I could see in the distance a long traffic line. Coming to a stop at the lights I was directed by that voice inside to turn right, which I did. Then I did a left and was on a empty street bypassing that long line up about 10 blocks long. Of course I silently thanked my higher self and giggled…

Now I have to say that was the first time I paid attention to that voice and I didn’t think twice so I guess it’s all about the trusting too.

Blessings All~

Intuition, Story Teller

AHA Moments

Wikipedia writes about the definition of the eureka effect and we have Archimedes to thank for the start of the EUREKA shout out of a discovery. I love the Aha moments. The pureness of insight that comes to our minds. It dances through the thought processes, mulling it over, delighting in that time, ever mindful. Something that was inside of us all this time or something learned. Since my awakening I have been having these AHA moments. Sometimes one a day or one every other day. I savour the thought as it goes through my mind, careful not to lose that precious thought. Being mindful in that time and what can I learn from it. I have read many books in my time and have had people mentor me but when something sparks in your psyche then you know you got a handle on the process. You know that saying, “You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” Well use this thought as this. You can keep telling me and telling me and I am still not going to get it. I have to learn on my own! So it is with the moments! I wait with bated breathe for the next one and learn from that go on with the awakening.

Blessings All~