Intuition, Story Teller

AHA Moments

Wikipedia writes about the definition of the eureka effect and we have Archimedes to thank for the start of the EUREKA shout out of a discovery. I love the Aha moments. The pureness of insight that comes to our minds. It dances through the thought processes, mulling it over, delighting in that time, ever mindful. Something that was inside of us all this time or something learned. Since my awakening I have been having these AHA moments. Sometimes one a day or one every other day. I savour the thought as it goes through my mind, careful not to lose that precious thought. Being mindful in that time and what can I learn from it. I have read many books in my time and have had people mentor me but when something sparks in your psyche then you know you got a handle on the process. You know that saying, “You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” Well use this thought as this. You can keep telling me and telling me and I am still not going to get it. I have to learn on my own! So it is with the moments! I wait with bated breathe for the next one and learn from that go on with the awakening.

Blessings All~