Story Teller


I have to relate this one to you because it “caught” me. The other day I was with the other half and we had just got out of the vehicle so I could pick up a library book. He took a call before we walked in so I hung around kind of enjoying the sunny day and all. There were two teenagers standing a few feet away from me kind of hugging. She was smiling, it was endearing. They started talking with her saying she had to go. He swore. She started to walk towards the library doors. “Why are walking away from me, why are you being like that?”, he said angrily. She replied, “You swore at me and Cree women don’t have weak knees!”
I had to smile at that, the righteous attitude she had and the way she stood up for herself. Way to go, I thought, you will go far.
I caught up with her and her sister in the library as they were leaving and said how awesome that was. She stated that he was “trying” to be controlling but she wasn’t going to put up with it. This from a 14 year old. Her mother would be proud!