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Look Up!

Ken who I call my other half, kids me often when I look up into the sky. It doesn’t matter if it should be night or day because there is always something to see.

We took a early morning adventure to our Canadian mountains, a mere 4 hour drive and it was still dark as our car drove down the highway. The stars sparkled brightly and were so huge compared to what one would normally see in the city. It just POPS!  Look, there is the big dipper! I excitedly say to him. Travelling before the sun rose was surreal. You couldn’t really see anything far away except for the road ahead so I was looking UP!  It was like we were in our own timeless cocoon. The other half even remarked that it was certainly a great way to wake up to all these magnificent stars following us or were we following them? I tracked a plane flying overhead and just couldn’t imagine what the pilot was seeing so close up there.

We stopped for breakfast half way to our destination and the sun was starting to make its usual appearance. The pinks and yellows and the blues were breath taking. We sat in the restaurant as still, I was looking UP!sunrisingLooking forward to our trip we both got into the jeep and continued to our nirvana, our place where we both ground ourselves, he being the driver and watching for wildlife to point out to me and me taking images.

We get closer to the Canadian Rockies and it is truly a sight to behold and now we are both looking UP! We are taking a different route and going closer to the mountains. A lone road where we are hoping to see the animals we came all this way to see. A small ghost town, Cadomin is pretty cool to see. Boarded up homes where you would expect people to come back in the summer to enjoy hiking, biking, fishing or boating or just to sit. It’s a mining town and there are a few residents but not to many.

Ghost Towning

We leave this, dare I say it, sleepy town and venture down the road. We come to this beautiful sight and I ask the other half to stop, I need to take a picture. I walk away from the vehicle and turn and look UP & see elk grazing on the side of the mountain staring down at moi. I turn and take my image..of the other half standing there watching over me or just watching. It truly was beautiful.


We seen many elk, big horn sheep and figured they were in prime grazing area as there was not that much snow on the hills. Can you believe that being so close to the mountains?

The other half took me for pizza when we arrived in Jasper,AB and he said, “When you get home and one of your friends asked you what you did today, just say we went for pizza 4 hours away”  He sure can make me giggle!

On our way home I can state we were more at peace and him ready to take on the work week. A little mini vacation is good for the soul and even if for just the day.


Story Teller

Dreams can come true.

I wrote the following on the morning of July 20/05. I had also added that it was a full moon and I had noticed that I was more likely to have a visitation and recording it for future use…

So this morning I was having quite a time waking up because I had this really good dream. My father had passed away on February 23, 1986, and I was really missing him. The dream I was having was about dad & he was trying to give me something. It was big & bulky, red with straps. I looked at it & exclaimed to whoever was with me that he had given me an accordion. I was so happy. However I knew that I had to go (wake up) & I was so sad. 

Now it’s about 1 hour later & I’m listening to CBC Radio on my way to work & the host is talking about an music festival he had gone to & that he had never heard that many accordions play so beautifully. I had been in a crappy mood, kind of sad & when I heard that I started to laugh. My father made my day!

So I know spiritually that he is with me day & night and I have had many other visits from him. I mean sure it would be nice to have him here by my side but this is what I have and I will take it any day! It gives me solace knowing I do not walk alone.52124c84bcd10db10d346090eb329c40

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Puppy Love

As a child I would make the countdown from a month to days to hours to minutes. Lucky little girl who got to stay up till midnight to open one prezzie only to sleep till 6 am & tear open the rest of the loot along with my brothers and sister. The lucky little girl who received her first typewriter, tape recorder (reel to reel), camera, numerous books and the odd pink workout outfits over the years. I think Mom…erp, I mean Santa was wanting to see a little girl instead of the tom boy walking around the house.

In 1972 I fell in love with Donnie Osmond. Had his posters plastered all over my room. All I needed to complete my dreamland was a record with his #1 hit “Puppy Love” I begged my mother not to forget my list because more often then not it was always a surprise. Christmas eve came & I seen a recognizable item under the tree and waited until Christmas morning to open the prized prezzie. Morning came and tearing it open & lo & behold what did I see?! Two albums with the stylistics of “Burl Ives & Minnie Pearl” 

I can tell you that I was disappointed but I tried not to show it to my mother as she looked so happy for me. Laughing about that memory I can say she was only trying to share her love & genre of her music. Good old Mom!

So I share this with you my friends and wish you all a Merry Christmas filled with Peace, Love, Joy & Happiness because that is what counts!!