As a child having the ability to sense and see spirit but without the proper guidance I was bewildered of this energy.It was through my own intuitive knowing that I was able to discern what was true for me.

Brought up in a spiritual home gave me the beginnings of true directions. It was through the years as I gained knowledge through life experiences, an NDE, that my physical and emotional being traveled that I also gained understanding. Coming back to the spiritual way after a hiatus and embracing spirit once again was I able to delve into who I am today. Through numerous workshops of Sierra Bender and her 4 Body Fit Method, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual I made a breakthrough and began the healing process. This was to carry onto sweat lodges and ceremony with family members in the ensuing years. It was then I started going to intuitive development classes at Carmel Joy Baird’s which gave me understanding of this gift we all have. It truly was an eye opening experience indeed. This path has brought me to intuitive and mediumship readings and teach at workshops in and around Alberta.

It is now that I love what I do and have much gratitude for the teachers in my life and also the people that come to see me to make those connections. My motto is: “I want to help people with healing messages.”

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirit through clairaudience; to hear, clairvoyance; to see, clairsentience; feel and read energy, clairaugustance; to taste. Spirit guides or loved ones and yes even animals are often present and give messages of support and guidance. It can be very profound to be able to connect with a loved one that has past over and receive a message. The intuitive readings is to give insight and clarify decisions regarding family, career, relationships and spiritual paths. Check out my blog https://intuitioncalling.blog/ to tell of my personal journey.

Readings are conducted with sensitivity, confidentiality and with compassion

Blessings! Gail~ ᑭᒥᐊᐧᓀᔮᐱ ᑯᓴᐸᒋᑫᐃᐧᐣ kosapachikewin


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  1. Interesting post about yourself and lineage. My newest novel, Wounded Heart In Flight, is about the free spirited eagle. It is in production now with publishers and should be released next month. I am part-Cherokee (1/16th) through my father’s side, even though I look far from it. Please visit my blog at http://www.annermurray@wordpress.com for a list of books. I will update when my book is published. Anne 🙂

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