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I am of Ojibwa, Cree &  Dutch descendants and gather my information from the wisdom of my Elder, Aunt Doreen who guides me with her gift which by the way we all have it in ourselves.  She was the one who gave me the name “Eagle Eye” as I am always bringing people to her that need spiritual help.  And so it is with this personal blog on my awakening of my intuition. While it may not be some cup of tea it surely is this gal’s!

Since I was a child I was bewildered by the world and not having the guidance needed I was also a tad lost. I sensed something around me at times when I was small but wasn’t quite sure what that was all about and it frightened me. As I grew having this insight was to help me through my younger years as I was always”knowing” and was to experience visits through dreams from people that had passed on and to give messages to their loved ones. Meeting up with Carmel Joy Baird and Sierra Bender through their workshops and classes was I to fully have the guidance to understand it is what I do. It is with this sense of purpose that I now embrace this gift and share messages. My motto is; “I want to help people with healing messages”Now in my later years with the help of my life lessons good and bad, family members and like minded friends steering me to workshops and various authors my intuition becomes stronger . What is that saying? “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”  This rings true for me. It has to be the most fantastic spiritual trip of my life which I never expected but accept with grace.

My motto is “Let it be” because in my head the universe unfolds as it should. Another gem is taken from the great Yoda, “Do or do not…There is no try”  I suppose its all about the “knowing” and the “Aha”  moments that I get and look forward to each day!

Enjoy this personal blog of my journey with images, tarot, crystals. exchange of links and also my stories.

Having developed my intuition through classes with Carmel Joy Baird and St. Brigid’s Spiritual Church hosted by Patricia Strong I am now doing intuitive mediumship readings for clients. The intuitive side is a great way to getting answers to questions regarding relationships, family, career, spiritual paths. Help clarify decisions you need to make or point you in the right direction on your life journey.

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirit through clairaudience; to hear, clairvoyance; to see, clairsentience; feel and read energy, clairaugustance; to taste. Spirit guides or loved ones and yes even animals are often present and give messages of support and guidance. It can be very profound to be able to connect with a loved one that has past over and receive a message.

Readings are conducted with sensitivity, confidentiality and with compassion

Blessings! Gail~


Out @ Sea
Out @ Sea


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  1. Interesting post about yourself and lineage. My newest novel, Wounded Heart In Flight, is about the free spirited eagle. It is in production now with publishers and should be released next month. I am part-Cherokee (1/16th) through my father’s side, even though I look far from it. Please visit my blog at http://www.annermurray@wordpress.com for a list of books. I will update when my book is published. Anne 🙂

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