Crystal Clear


When I was married I use to change my or rather our living space with replacement of curtains or the mere movement of the big sofa or even the whole living room. The ex husband would walk into the house and it would take him aback but he soon grew use to it. And so it is with the new themes that I customize on my blog. Looking for that perfect fit for this gal. So much to choose from and so loving it.

Aside from the theme changing I have been really on the go with many projects happening in my life. The photography biz is starting to pick up from which I am very happy for that. My classes for my intuition is also opening my mind and everything is becoming clearer. It’s great when you have a mentor to show you the way and the understanding makes sense to me now. Everything in my past life has certainly helped me grow into the woman that I am with many changes, good and bad. I can always look back and say, “When I was a child.” or “When I was a young girl.” I use all these experiences in my life and see it for what it is. To make informed decisions based on that. I also use this in my intuitive readings because again it comes from an understanding. My Auntie who I also call my mentor when it comes to my gift has told me that being street wise would also help me. I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about but I do get that now. Having someone say that it’s always been in you made no sense to me. And then maybe it did. I have put all the pieces of my puzzle together and I found me!

When I was younger and not knowing I would dwell in the past..a lot. It really got me no where and I know this now. I suppose I wasted time trying to figure life out but I finally get it! I always am trying to encourage my other half about being present because we miss so much when we are not. Looking forward to the adventure in my life and the road that I am on and the people that I have encountered. I see it for what it is and happy that it is all behind me, like in my back pocket.

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