Intuition, Story Teller


Funny how intuition works. Actually it doesn’t work hard. If we pay attention we can get by with the daily dealings that life brings us. The other day I had an impulse to drive around the perimeter of my city. Actually it didn’t really start out that way but I just followed my urge to have an adventure which I did. Starting at my friends farm and taking images of her 4 horses set the tone for the morning. Gentle beings they are and it was my first time alone in the pen with them. It seemed as they were posing and then vying for my attention. I so loved it! I then went for breakfast at my another friends restaurant out in the country and after finishing there and a brief visit with her I went on my way.

That is when I knew I would be starting my trek on the secondary highways. I have a map and was watching the signs but would find myself in unknown areas. I would simply park, take a deep breathe of that fresh crisp air and just “Be” At times the abandoned farm buildings piqued my interest and I would get out and start snapping. And so it went on like this throughout the day. Just trusting in my self and going on. Surprise, surprise! I made it half way the circle around noon and really enjoying how easy everything was turning out. The traffic was smooth and at times I would guess what direction the vehicle behind me would be going on even how long. By the time I got home it was supper time and not even tired after driving and stopping for 6 hours. I met a few friendly people in my path and the scenery was most beautiful. So this day I found out how easy it is for our intuitive souls are if you pay attention. I more or less, “Let it be”

Old Beauty~
Old Beauty~

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