Story Teller


I sat in a small town cafe eating my breakfast consisting of eggs & sausages early this morning at around 10 am. My morning started off with a urge to get a move on to take some pictures out of town. I looked at my bedside clock and seen it was 7:37 am. Sunrise was coming at 8:27 am & I had better get going if I wanted to catch the sunrise come up in Elk Island National Park, my fave place on earth.

The weather station called for fog and it surely was dense as I drove down the highway. Entering the park it was as if in a dream, and a good one at that!  Driving into the Bison Loop as they call it I was taking photos of some lone trees hoping for any animal to happen by. I parked the car, my trusty steed and turned the engine off. I enjoyed the quiet of the morning and the cool air hit my face and my hands. I could hear branches snapping and thought it was the slight breeze hitting the leaves that were still on the trees. Got back into the car and drove on & came upon 3 bison on the other side of the loop, looming out of the fog. Surreal for real! So that is what was making that noise.

After taking many images which I do so well I drove to this local town, another fave place and ordered the regular meal. I listened to the conversation of the farmers sitting at the other tables talking of there farms, there farm hands. This is what I call my payoff as I sit here enjoying my morning and I still have the rest of the day to go. More adventures to be had~


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