Story Teller


Last night the other half & I went to visit his mother who lives in a lodge. They were having pub night which consists of entertainers coming in for an hour to give of there time to share there music with some elderly people.

His mother was downstairs in the recreation room waiting for us and she had two other companions with her. They were the musicians, John and his lovely wife Alice. They were both engaging and the conversation just flowed about there life and how active they were as they were both in there early 80’s. We talked of the genre of music and what we would be hearing this night which was early 30’s and 40’s country ballads. I was mentioning how I loved the crooning sensations of Frank Sinatra and John blurted out, “I don’t like his songs, don’t care for him” I then turned to him and said, “So what happens when you pass and he meets you in heaven?” John smiled and said, “I would give him a big hug because there is no hate in heaven, they know only love!”

After chatting a little bit more they both got up, Alice to do some great yodeling tunes and John with his harmonica. We sang along to the songs we remembered and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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