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Dreams can come true.

I wrote the following on the morning of July 20/05. I had also added that it was a full moon and I had noticed that I was more likely to have a visitation and recording it for future use…

So this morning I was having quite a time waking up because I had this really good dream. My father had passed away on February 23, 1986, and I was really missing him. The dream I was having was about dad & he was trying to give me something. It was big & bulky, red with straps. I looked at it & exclaimed to whoever was with me that he had given me an accordion. I was so happy. However I knew that I had to go (wake up) & I was so sad. 

Now it’s about 1 hour later & I’m listening to CBC Radio on my way to work & the host is talking about an music festival he had gone to & that he had never heard that many accordions play so beautifully. I had been in a crappy mood, kind of sad & when I heard that I started to laugh. My father made my day!

So I know spiritually that he is with me day & night and I have had many other visits from him. I mean sure it would be nice to have him here by my side but this is what I have and I will take it any day! It gives me solace knowing I do not walk alone.52124c84bcd10db10d346090eb329c40


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