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Teepee shopping we will go…

My friend Terry phoned me the other day and asked a favor and that was to scout around for a teepee. She has been wanting to having a retreat on her land complete with a sweat lodge as well and thought of me, like who better to ask. She is all into the ceremony which instantly drew me into this great idea. Wanting to help I quickly said yes and got on the phone to my cousin Donna who is in the “know” and asked her where I could find one. I was then directed to a place who makes teepees a hop skip and a jump south east of my city. After googling the place, finding the phone number and going through a series of  phone transfers I was finally talking to the director in charge of the item needed.

There were 3 sizes that I had a choice of which was 16 foot, 18 foot and 20 foot. Some untreated and some not. It was better to have it treated from mold and water. Add to that the poles and the pin and pegs and everything was set. I also got a tutorial about the canvas as well.

Another phone call was made to my Elder Aunt and asked her what tribe was on Terry’s land long ago and the reply was, “The Cree, our ancestors”  Sometime in the spring the teepee will be set up and a Cree ceremony will be held making it sacred. I am so happy to have been a part in this and to learn more of the way of my people.

I mean it’s not everyday that someone randomly phones another person about a teepee. Who does this? But I never question it. I look at my life as an adventure and wait for the next unique thing to come along my way. It’s never boring, my life!

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